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Does Petco Take Cats?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024

Does Petco Take Cats?

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Petco cannot accept cats. You may see adoptable cats in some Petco locations, but these cats are available through a shelter or rescue that is in partnership with the Petco Foundation. Don’t worry, though—if you have a cat that you are unable to keep, there are options for you.

Where can I take a cat I can’t keep?  

If you have found a lost cat, please remember to check with your local shelter, use these tips to reunite a lost pet with their owner, and upload the cat to Finding Rover.  

If you are looking for a new home for a cat, you don’t have to take them anywhere. You can find them a new home online. Jump onto your computer and head to Rehome, a peer-to-peer program that allows you to post your pet on Adopt a Pet for possible adopters to view. Rehome was created in collaboration with the Petco Foundation to help pet owners just like you find great new families for their pets. The process of posting your cat is easy and free.

How do I post my cat on Rehome?  

Head here to start your cat’s profile. You’ll fill out some basic information about your cat in order to create your account. 

From there, you will be asked more detailed questions about your pet’s health and behavior history, like if your cat is good with other animals, has up to date shots, and if he needs an experienced adopter. You’ll also have the opportunity to upload photos and videos of your cat. Photos should be clear and bright so that it’s easy to see what your cat looks like. Profiles with videos tend to get more views, so feel free to upload a video of your cat in their natural habitat to give potential adopters an idea of their personality. Finally, you’ll write a description of your cat that gives details about the cat’s personality, favorite activities, daily routine, and more.

Once you complete these easy steps, you cat will be ready to post. Millions of potential adopters will be able to view your cat’s profile, giving you the best chance of finding a great new family for your cat.

How do I choose a new home for my cat? 

Soon after your cat is published on Adopt a Pet, you will start receiving applications for adoption. If you aren’t sure who the best match for your cat might be, we are here to help. Our Rehome team will give you tips on how to filter through applications, including red flags to look out for.

Once you’ve narrowed down the applicants, you can set up an in-person meeting with your cat’s potential new owners (we have tips for setting up a safe, in-person meeting as well.) From here, you will choose the family you think is best for your cat and finalize the process.

Rehome will help you finalize a contract and transfer all vet documents to your cat’s new family. You can then rest assured your cat is ready to settle into their new home. 

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