catio-videoHave you been thinking of building your very own cat catio?  In case you aren’t familiar with the term “catio,” it refers to an enclosed outdoor area designed especially for cats!  Unfortunately, cats who roam free outside generally have more health issues and shorter lifespans than cats who remain indoors.  It’s important to keep your felines away from the many dangers they would face on the streets. A catio is a great solution as it gives kitties the semblance of being outdoors while providing them with a fully protected sunshine environment.  This way your feline can enjoy the comfort and safety of inside life yet still bask in the fresh air!

People from all over the world have constructed catios for their furry friends, including our very own Director of Shelter Outreach, Jennifer Warner Jacobsen!  Varying in size, shape, and layout, you can really get creative when it comes to building your own catio.  Just remember the most important part is to make certain that your kitties will remain safe and secure while frolicking in there!  Click here to watch a video tour of Jennifer’s catio which is sure to give you great ideas and inspiration when it comes to constructing your own.  You can also see a catio photo tour here. Hint hint, catios can be especially useful when it comes to fostering cats from a local shelter or rescue group!

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