• Disaster Relief Requires a Lot of Grit

    With the increase in the number of yearly natural disasters, rescue efforts for pets in affected areas has become a growing need. This year alone animal rescue volunteers have already had to deal with the aftermath of Michael, Florence, and a few other smaller tropical storms. Providing relief during disasters like Florence and Michael often […]

  • Search Dogs from 9/11

    Immediately following the attacks of 9/11, nearly 100 trained search dogs and their handlers—enlisted from 18 U.S. states—were deployed by FEMA to join the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Though all the heroic 9/11 dogs have since passed, their memory is still with us […]

  • **Video** Pit Bull Gets Rescued From A Dangerous Trash Pile

    Here is the scoop: Dog-capturer extraordinaire Eldad from HopeForPaws.org received an urgent call from the City of Los Angeles Waste Management that a Pit Bull was living in a dangerous pile of trash at their Los Angeles Facility. This rescue ended up being one of the trickiest Eldad has ever had to perform! Watch the amazing […]

  • Soldier the dog

    Missouri Puppies for Parole shared this story with us in honor of Veteran’s Day last week. Such a story is heart-warming to share on any day! They said, “Here is a veteran from the Greatest Generation who along with the many thousands of Veterans of so many of our wars we celebrate this week and […]

  • Action-Packed Puppy Rescue Leads to Action-Packed Puppy Cam

    What’s better than a puppy cam, you ask? How about a puppy cam where the stars of the show have a rescue story that reads more like the plot of an action film? That’s exactly what you’ll find when you check out this live-stream of Luke, Elliot, Raven, and Logan – 4 precious adoptable pups who […]

  • Amazing Group Effort – How Teamwork Can Save Lives

    A few weeks ago, a dedicated Southern California rescuer, Claudia Hoffman, got a troubling phone call. Two stray dogs were seen out on a barren field in Carson, CA. Left all on their on, one was a large female Mastiff and the other a little black Terrier-Chihuahua mix. Apparently they had been there for a […]

  • Taiwanese Photographer Helping Homeless Pets Through Art.

    In an art exhibit in Taoyuan, located in northern Taiwan, a Taiwanese photographer named Tou Chih-kang hangs his portraits on the walls.  But he is not like other artists because Chih-kang is also a hero for animals. Visiting Taiwanese animal shelters for over two years now, he has been taking more conventional and formal style pictures of […]

  • Unsung Heroes: Feral Cat Caretakers

    There are unsung heroes who walk amongst us. Without hesitation, without recognition, and without fail, these people work tirelessly to improve the lives of animals. They come from all walks of life, all sorts of backgrounds, all shapes and sizes. What do they have in common? Helping feral cats. Anyone who’s ever met a feral […]

  • Operation Baghdad Pups

    Meet four-legged heroes who help soldiers cope behind enemy lines! Meet Bougie, Victory and Jasmine. Even though they look like normal dogs, they are anything but! Theses dogs all come from the war zone of Iraq. They now enjoy a better life in the US, thanks to the love of the military personnel that found […]

  • Pet Heroes: Garo Alexanian

    We love hearing stories of amazing animal saviors, and the great lengths that caring compassionate people go to in order to help pets and give them a chance at a well-cared for life in a loving home. We consider these extraordinary people – and the volunteers, donors, and adopters who make their mission possible – […]