cat-proof-curtainsCurtains and blinds make great cat toys… said no cat owner, ever! Plenty of cats and kittens do find the swaying curtain pulls, shimmering sheers, and horizontal mini-blinds not only irresistible for hiding, pouncing, and batting, but they also are clearly thinking, “Why does my human keep putting them in the way of my view of the fascinating things going on outside?” Finding “kitten-proof” window treatments that will work for what you want them to do on your windows and not have your cats destroy them can take compromise and detective work. We present you with example number one, in the photo above. In the photo you see James, my 8-month old foster kitten, who has not only managed to wrap himself up in the sheer curtain, but figured out its a great way to make batting at the almost-cat-proof plastic plant even more fun. I managed to snap the photo just before he executed a perfect jelly roll move that took him and the tension curtain rod tumbling to the ground. Mini blinds seem to suffer the worst, with the metal slats being so easily bent and plenty of cloth cords to be chewed on too! So are there cat-proof curtains? Yes! Read on for some ideas.

Don’t forget that most cats LOVE to see what’s going on outside. Please don’t deprive them of that pleasure! When planning your window coverings, include kitty window perches where they can see out unobstructed.

1. Vertical blinds. Before you shudder at the 70s flashback, vertical blinds have come a long way since their motel beginnings. Check out the gorgeous modern vertical blinds on Houzz for example. Many use larger panels of fabric, so choose ones that are smooth and less likely to be a scratch temptation.

2. Wooden shutters.  Virtually indestructible, especially if made of a smooth hard composite material. You can also open them enough so kitty can see out, but still keep out most of the light and still protect your privacy.

3. Wood or faux wood blinds. These look like thicker mini-blinds, but because of their weight and heft, are often not as easily destroyed by playful cats. Make sure you keep the pull cord securely wrapped up and out of kitty’s reach!

4. Any curtains you want, just keep Nail Caps on your cat! Most curtain damage is done by the cat’s claws. If you keep soft kitty nail caps on your cat’s front claws, the damage they can do with their paws is eliminated. As long as you don’t have a chewer, this could be your least expensive solution.