gerbil Gerbils are social animals used to living in packs. As a matter of fact, if you have a gerbil, consider rescuing another! They prefer to live in pairs or small groups and it will increase their lifespan as well as their happiness to have other gerbil friends around. They will commonly interact with each other by boxing, jumping, and chewing which are all ways in which they love to play. These little furballs tend to be very active and need mental physical exercise. It’s easy to make sure you’re keeping your gerbil(s) entertained with the many good toys out there, most often toys which incorporate climbing or exploring — 2 more activities gerbils love to do! Keep your adopted gerbil mentally stimulated and having some fun using exercise wheels, run-about balls, tunnels and hiding toys, dust baths, and gerbil-designed chew rings and toys. Avoid to toys made out of soft plastic or any other non-gerbil-safe materials that can be chewed and swallowed, causing intestinal irritation or blockage. If you’re currently looking for a gerbil to adopt click here!