While you’re making your lists and checking them twice this holiday season, don’t forget about presents for your pets –and your pet loving friends! Whether they’re on the naughty or nice list, they deserve a gift to join in the celebrations. We’ve done all the work for you and hand-selected our favorite goodies for the Prancing Pups, Festive Felines, Caroling Critters, Multi Species Gifts, and Holly Jolly Humans in your life. Many of the gifts on our list are available through Chewy, which donates a portion of your first purchase to Not only will you be making pets and pet lovers happy with these gifts, you’ll be helping us to get more pets home for the holidays. That makes you a Holiday Hero! Check out our gift guide and get shopping now! 

Prancing Pups Seresto gift guide A Bed Your Dog Can Melt Into For the Pup with a Prey Drive For the Dog That Loves To Chew Make Bath Time Laugh Time Festive Felines 6pk_Front_Largecat_ShortTube For the Cat That Just Wants the Good Stuff For the Dapper Kitty A Purrfect Gift for Non-Stop Play Keep Your Cat Hydrated and Happy A Classic Cat Toy For Playtime Multi species The Greatest Gift of All 74579094_10157895753308833_2371030197471281152_o 75643582_10157895753533833_2156727439823208448_o 24PetWatchGiftGuideSquare A Little Holiday Retreat for Dogs _ Cats VARRAM Everyone Knows That One Pet Who Loves Knocking Over Bowls... For the Burrower Holly Jolly Humans Fashionable Feet + a Good Cause = Maximum Happy Share the Joys of Pet Adoption with a Little Nostalgia We All Have That One Friend Who is Obsessed With The Holidays For the Person Who Can_t Function Without Caffeine How About Some Malbec to Spruce Up Your Room_ _Grin-ea_ Socks for Guinea Moms Hydrate for a Good Cause Caroling Critters Catch Your Critter Riding Dirty A Carrot That_s Better Than A Carrot Spa Time For Your Little Guy
Control Playtime from Your Smartphone

If your pet gets bored or anxious while you are away, this Pet Fitness Robot might be the antidote to ripped up pillows and chewed up shoes. The toy will zoom around the room, periodically dropping treats for your pet, keeping them busy and stress-free. Plus, you can schedule play sessions, control toss counts, and power the toy on and off from your smartphone. Do they make these for humans? (We're asking for a friend...)