While providing your pet an indoor sanctuary is an obvious solution to avoiding chilly weather, losing out on some of the season’s fun outdoor time can make for a bored little friend. To keep your pet happy (and their less-than-savory habits to a minimum), here are a few tips to help you create a comfy (cleanable) space for your pet.


Safety is #1

With your pet roaming indoors, safety is a top priority.

  • House Plants: Many animals use vegetation as a natural digestion aid. But, because of the toxicity of certain plants, it’s important to make sure that all of your indoor vegetation is pet-safe.
  • Kitchen cupboards: Similar to humans, pets will eat out of boredom. Overfeeding is bad for any animal, so investing in childproof-like latches for cabinets will ward off any unwanted snacking.
  • Medications: Keep all medications out of reach of even the most determined climber.
  • Electrical Wires: Pets like to chew, so it’s important to keep electrical cables tidy and out of the way of any potential gnawing.


Cut down on cleaning.

While pets place great importance on their own cleanliness, your floors and furniture are less of a priority. Without fail, sticks, shredded chew toys and even trophies of recent hunting expeditions will end up in your home. To avoid constant cleanup (and unwanted smells), ensure your home’s entrances are pet-friendly (tile and wood are easily cleaned and scent resistant). Furniture is an additional battle between many pets and their owners. While training works wonders, a favorite chair or sofa is sometimes too tempting for certain pets. To cut down on cleaning (and reupholstering costs), consider a protective covering for your pet’s cherished napping spot.


Keep them comfortable.

During colder months, many domestic animals save additional energy by sleeping more. To keep your pet comfortable (and out of trouble) during chilly weather, arrange several warm blankets in a comfy space and let them settle in. Having a nest for your pet gives them a space of their own.


Find ways to keep them excited.

Pets love new toys. The more distractions you can provide, the better chance you have of keeping idle paws occupied and out of trouble.



A long winter can be trying for both you and your pet. But, with a little thought and a dash of effort, your home can be transformed into a safe and stimulating haven from harsh weather.



Written contribution by Andrea Davis, Home Advisor.