Sometimes problems seem insurmountable. For us pet lovers, knowing that there are still so many homeless animals often makes us feel like we’re not making a difference. But in times like these we must remember to tell ourselves that we are! Each of us can make a positive impact that truly helps animals. For example, meet Bernie Berlin of “A Place To Bark”  rescue. This grassroots rescue located in Tennessee has saved over 2,500 homeless dogs and cats from high kill shelters in the South over the past five years. Pet overpopulation is dire in the Southern states where spay and neuter is low, the need for rescue is high, and there are few resources to support life saving.  The euthanasia rate can be as extreme as 98% at local animal controls in Southern states like Tennessee.  But Bernie knows that her efforts can help solve this issue. Her promise is that every animal taken into her program is guaranteed a home. So by using social media and video, she shares her everyday life at “A Place To Bark” with the world. Bernie has also created a transport program with partnering shelters in Chicago and Florida, and she works with the shelter system to transport animals and save lives.
Even though Bernie’s rescue relies solely on private funding, and even though in 2010 she rescued 705 homeless pets with only herself and two employees (wow!), and even though “A Place To Bark” has such a good reputation that she has a waiting list of shelters wanting animals from her program, there is just not enough of Bernie or of funding for her to expand. We at wanted to share Bernie’s story with you and applaud her efforts so that we can help her in any way we can.
People like Bernie are heroes, focusing their efforts to promote pet adoption in huge ways. Bernie says, “When I moved to Tennessee on Christmas Eve 2005, I had every intension to take some time off and raise funds to build a small, effective shelter to continue doing rescue. I never planned on helping as many animals as I do today,” said Berlin.
So while so many people say, “One day I want to move to a big property and have an animal rescue”, Bernie did it! She also partially funds her rescue through her art.  Bernie says that if enough people care and help in any small way, together we can and will change the world one pet at a time.  So that means every single one of us is a part of the solution, and we’re all doing our part to help find a happy home for every pet in need.  It really does take a village, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of ours.