Pet Travel 101To bring or not to bring your pet along on a vacation trip with you, that is the question! Of course if your trip is to make a permanent move, you’ll be taking your pet with you. But holiday or vacation travel, especially if it is for extended periods to pet-friendly locales like when you’re staying with friends, family, or in pet-friendly hotels or camp grounds, can be a lot of fun, especially for adventure-loving dogs. We do know one cats that actually like to take road trips, but for the most part, cats are creatures of routine and may be happier hanging out at home with a pet sitter, than accompanying you on your journey. If you are brining Fido or Mittens along, what can you do to make the experience as enjoyable and safe as possible for everyone involved? The pet travel tips in the infographic below from the travel experts at the Marriot will help keep you (and your pets) calm and stress-free; allowing you both to enjoy the ride.

A Visual Guide to Pet Travel 101 – An infographic by the team at Marriott Hotels