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Can I Drop My Yorkshire Terrier Off at an Animal Shelter?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 7, 2024


In most cases, you can’t simply drop your Yorkshire terrier off at an animal shelter. They have rules in place that you will need to follow if you wish to relinquish your ownership of your dog.

Contact the Shelter

You’ll need to abide by the rules that the shelter has in place. Of course, different shelters will have different rules, so there is no "one size fits all" guide. Instead, you need to contact the local shelters and learn what they need from you to surrender your dog, and then set up an appointment.

Often, when you’re on the phone with the shelter, they’ll ask you why you need to drop your dog off at the shelter. They’re hoping to help you find a solution that will make it possible to keep your Yorkshire terrier. If you aren’t able to take care of her properly because you’re at work all the time, they could suggest pet sitters or doggie daycare. If she has some behavioral issues, they might have some suggestions for training or even a trainer they can recommend.

The shelters ask these types of questions because they want what’s best for your dog, and that’s staying with you if possible. Of course, it’s not always feasible to keep her.

In those cases, you can set up an appointment with them to surrender her. They’ll let you know the time of the appointment, what you need to bring, and the surrender fee. The fees can vary based on where the shelter is located, but it will generally be somewhere between $50 and $150.

Do You Have Other Choices?

Shelters do their best with the resources they have available. However, you have options other than the shelter that you may want to consider. Rehoming is often an ideal solution. You can start by talking with family and friends to see if they might be looking to adopt a dog. They could be interested in your Yorkshire terrier, particularly if they already know her and have a bond.

Not everyone will know someone who is looking for a new dog, though. Fortunately, you can find other rehoming options that can work well, too. The Rehome platform from Adopt-a-Pet is a nice solution. This is an online peer-to-peer solution that’s free for owners to use, and you won’t have to worry about paying any surrender fees.

Instead, you’ll create a profile for her that includes information about her personality, any issues that she might have, and as much information as someone who is looking to adopt will need. You should be honest in the profile to ensure that only the right people are filling out adoption applications for her.

Owners can then review the adoption applications, which provides control over who is lucky enough to be chosen as the new owners. When you choose an option like Rehome, you’ll find that you have more peace of mind than you would by simply surrendering her.

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