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How much does it cost to surrender a Yorkshire Terrier?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


The cost of surrendering a Yorkshire terrier can vary based on a range of factors, but it will typically be between $50 and $150. Costs can be different from one location to the next, even within the same geographic area. The type of facility can also be a factor in the cost, as can the age of your Yorkshire terrier. If you’re surrendering a litter of puppies, you may find that the cost will be lower per pet.

Rescue organizations vary just as much as shelters. In some cases, the rescues may not charge a fee for surrendering your dog. However, many rescues survive on donations and surrender fees, so these are rare.

Get in Touch with the Shelters

To learn how much it costs at your local shelter to surrender a dog, you will want to check their site and then call them. You can’t just drop off your dog at their door and will need to make an appointment. They can let you know about what paperwork will need to be signed and will ensure you’re aware when you surrender your dog, you no longer have legal rights to her.

Do You Need to Surrender Your Dog?

One of the first things you should ask yourself is whether there are other options available rather than surrendering or even rehoming your Yorkshire terrier. Many shelters and rescues will ask you the same and will provide you with information and resources that could help.

For example, if your Yorkie has some behavior problems, there could be local trainers or online training resources you could try. If you have been in an accident or are otherwise injured and can’t walk your dog, there are dog walkers who could come by the house to do it for you while you recuperate. While there may not be a solution to every problem, you should look into all of the options to see whether there’s a way to keep your Yorkie by your side.

What Should You Do if You Have to Give Up Your Dog?

Sometimes, you will not have any other choice, and you will have to give up your dog. One of the options to consider is rehoming with someone you know. You might have a family member or a friend who expressed interest in adopting a dog. They might be willing to adopt your Yorkshire terrier, which can be a good choice for her.

You could also consider Rehome, a platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com. The service is free to owners who need to rehome their dogs, and it’s easy to use. You can add photos and videos, and you can fill out a profile for your dog to let potential adopters know all about her. This information will be available to people who are looking to adopt a dog just like her. They can fill out an adoption application you can then review. Take your time and find the perfect new owners for your Yorkie.

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