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Do You Have to Pay to Rehome a Jack Russell Terrier?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 8, 2024


When you rehome your Jack Russell Terrier, you won’t typically have to pay any fees. However, it’s important to understand the different types of fees that could be charged depending on whether you’re the owner or you’re adopting.

What Are Rehoming Fees and Why Are They Important?

Rehoming fees are fees paid to the owner of a dog or a pet adoption site. These fees are important for several reasons. The fees help to ensure that only people who have an interest in loving and caring for your dog bring them home. When someone gives away a pet, the person who takes that pet doesn’t have any financial stake in the animal. Some people turn around and sell the dogs to labs, or they use them as bait for fighting dogs. The fee helps to greatly reduce this risk.

When you’re charging rehoming fees for your dog, you’ll want to keep them in line with what a rehoming site or a shelter would charge for adoption. This will generally be somewhere between $50 and $150. It’s enough that people wouldn’t have any reason to want to buy a dog that they would then turn around and sell to a lab for less, for example.

When rehoming your dog on your own, you should always charge a rehoming fee. If you’re rehoming through a site like Rehome, you won’t have to worry. The platform will charge the people who are adopting a rehoming fee that’s similar to what would be paid at shelters.

As an owner who is rehoming their dog through Rehome, you won’t have to worry about any fees to use the site. It’s free and it’s easy to use. You’ll create a profile for your Jack Russell Terrier, add some images and videos, and then review the adoption applications that arrive. This makes it easier for you to find a great new home for your dog.

What Are Surrender Fees and Adoption Fees?  

Even though owners won’t pay a rehoming fee, if you’re giving up your dog to a shelter or a rescue, you’ll have to pay surrender fees. These fees can vary based on the shelter or rescue, the location, the age of the dog, etc. You’ll want to get in touch with the facility to determine just how much the fees will be and to set up an appointment to drop off your dog.

If you’ll be adopting through a shelter or a rescue, you can also expect fees. These are usually called adoption fees. Again, the price of these fees will vary based on many factors, so you’ll want to speak with the facility to get an idea of what you’ll have to pay.

You might be wondering why there are both surrender fees and adoption fees at these facilities. The money from these fees go into helping keep these facilities running, so they can take care of more animals. Charging adoption fees also ensures that only people who are going to care for the dogs properly are adopting them, as well.

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