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What Does It Mean to Surrender a Jack Russell Terrier?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


When you surrender a Jack Russell Terrier, it means that you’re giving up your rights to your dog. To surrender your dog, you’ll take him to a shelter or a rescue. However, you need to be sure that you’re following the guidelines of the facility. You’ll also want to know the difference between shelters and rescues, along with other options for giving up your dog.

Contact the Facility

Before you can bring your dog to a shelter or a rescue, you need to get in touch with the facility. They all have their own regulations and rules when it comes to surrendering dogs. Check their website and then call them to learn exactly what you need to do to surrender your dog. They’ll let you know what the surrender fees will be, as well as what paperwork you’ll need to have and fill out when you surrender your dog.

They’ll also want to know why you need to give up your dog. In some cases, they may have some resources to provide you that will allow you to keep your dog. For example, if you spend a lot of time at work and you can’t walk your dog each day, they might suggest that you use a pet sitter or dog walker. They want to give you every opportunity possible to keep your dog.

If you aren’t able to keep your, dog, you can set up an appointment to surrender him to the shelter or rescue. Once you do, you’ll no longer have legal rights to him.

Why Are There Surrender Fees and Adoption Fees?

When you drop off your dog at the facility, they’ll charge a surrender fee, as mentioned. However, when someone adopts a dog through the facility, they’ll have to pay an adoption fee. Fees are charged for incoming and outgoing dogs to help ensure that the organization has enough money to continue operating. The adoption fees, similar to rehoming fees, ensure that there’s enough. 

What About Rehoming?

You don’t have to surrender your dog to a shelter or a rescue when you have to give him up. You also have the option of rehoming, which could be a better solution for your dog. One of the first methods of rehoming is to find someone you already know that might be willing to adopt your dog. You could have a family member that’s been thinking about adopting, for example.

You can also rehome your dog with people that you find online. Using a platform like Rehome is a great option. It’s part of Adopt-a-Pet.com, and it allows you to create a profile, complete with images and videos, for your dog. The profile lets you detail your dog’s traits and personality, along with things that he might not like or issues he has. Being honest in the profile will help to ensure that your dog has the best chance possible of finding a perfect new home.

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