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What Does It Mean to Rehome a Jack Russell Terrier?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


Rehoming a Jack Russell Terrier means that you’ll take the time to find a new home for your dog instead of surrendering him. There are many benefits to rehoming, including the peace of mind that you’ll have in knowing he’s going to a great new home. However, there’s also some work that you’ll need to put into the process.

What Should You Consider When Looking for a New Owner?

As you’re looking for a new owner for your dog, you need to be sure that you’re choosing someone worthy of your dog, naturally. You want to find a home and family that will be a good fit for your dog’s personality and needs. If he’s not fond of cats, you wouldn’t want to put him into a home with cats. It wouldn’t be fair to him or the cats, and you can be sure his new owner won’t be too happy.

If your dog has any medical issues, you’ll need to be forthcoming with the new owner about them, as well. This will help to ensure that your dog is going to a home that can handle those medical issues, and that can afford your dog.

Speaking of affording the dog, you’ll also need to be sure you charge a rehoming fee. When going through a site like Rehome, the fee will be charged to the adopter, so you don’t have to worry about it. These fees help to reduce risk to your dog. It ensures that the adopters are not just looking for free dogs they can then sell to a lab or use for bait dogs.

You could opt to find someone that you know personally to adopt your dog. This can often be a good fit if you know someone who wants to get a dog. However, you may also want to check online pet adoption sites like Rehome. These sites can make the process easier on you, so you can be sure you’re finding the perfect home for your dog.

Are Shelters and Rescues Options for Rehoming?

You must understand the distinction between rehoming and surrendering your pet to facilities like shelters and rescues. When you surrender your dog, you’re giving up your legal rights to him to a facility. These organizations will do their best to ensure that your dog is safe, but there’s never a guarantee that he’ll be adopted.

Rescues will keep your dog for the remainder of his life and will continue trying to find him a forever home. Of course, rescues are often full because these are no-kill facilities. You might not be able to get your Jack Russell Terrier into one of these rescues.

Shelters do their best to care for the animals in their facility. However, they can only keep animals for a limited period in most cases. Shelters may have to euthanize pets that have been there for a long time, although they hate doing it.

Whenever you have the option, it’s better to rehome your Jack Russell Terrier. It will help to ensure that he has the best possible life.

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