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How Do I Rehome My English Bulldog?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


You’ll rehome your English Bulldog by finding her a wonderful new owner and a place to call home yourself. Sure, it might take some time and a little bit of effort, but when you use the options discussed here, you’ll find that it’s easier than you might think to rehome your English Bulldog.

What About Shelters and Rescues? 

It’s important to understand that shelters and rescues are not the same as rehoming. With these facilities, you surrender your rights to your dog and you don’t have any say in who adopts her. There’s also no guarantee that anyone will adopt her from one of those organizations, so you may never know what happens to your dog.

Rescues have no-kill policies, which make them a popular option when someone has to give up their dog. However, because they’re popular, it also means that they’re often full and will not have room to take your English Bulldog. The shelters may have room, but they can only keep dogs for a certain number of days before they have to make room for new incoming pets.

You’ll also have to pay a surrender fee when you give up your dog to one of these types of organizations. Although they try to ensure the pets find a wonderful home, it’s just not always possible. Fortunately, there are methods of rehoming that you can use instead.

Using Online Sites for Rehoming

Of course, the Internet has made it much easier to find a home when you need to give up your dog. Still, you have to be careful about the sites you’re using. Only choose a reputable site that specializes in pet adoption. With sites like Facebook Marketplace, you can never be sure whether someone was actively looking to adopt or just found a cute picture of your dog and decided to adopt on a whim.

Instead, choose an option like Rehome. This site is from Adopt-a-Pet.com, a highly respected organization. The site is free for owners to use, and the people who adopt will only pay a small rehoming fee. This fee goes back into helping more animals get adopted, and it’s similar to the adoption fees of shelters and rescues.

With Rehome, you can build a profile for your pet with images, videos, and a bio where you can let people know all about the qualities of your English Bulldog. This will give them a better idea of whether adopting her will be the right choice for them.

Rehoming with Friends and Family 

Perhaps one of the best options, if it’s possible, is to rehome with people that you already know and who you trust. Maybe you have a cousin that’s been looking to adopt a dog for the family, or you might have a coworker that wants a companion. Take the time to consider whether they would be a good fit for your dog, and then let them adopt. It will give you peace of mind to know that your dog is going to with someone that you trust to take care of her.

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