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How Do I Surrender My Bulldog?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 7, 2024


You can surrender your bulldog by taking him to an animal shelter or rescue. While surrendering to a shelter is fairly straight-forward, you should be aware that when you surrender your bulldog to the shelter, you are giving up your legal rights to your pet. Additionally, you will generally have to pay a fee when you surrender your pet.

Making Contact with Shelters

You should also keep in mind that different shelters will have their own rules and regulations when it comes to surrendering your bulldog. This can vary by location, so you will want to get in touch with the organization where you plan to surrender your pet to ensure that you understand the proper procedures. For example, some facilities will require that you call ahead or use their site to make an appointment rather than walking in with your bulldog.

When you contact the organization where you plan to surrender your bulldog, they will likely want to know a bit more about your dog first. They will often ask why you need to surrender the dog, along with questions about the dog’s temperament, health, etc. They want to be sure that they have the necessary information about the dog first.

The shelters will often talk with you about potential ways that you could keep the dog. Surrendering, even according to the shelters, should only be a final resort. They can provide advice on getting training for the dog if that is needed, where to find facilities that can watch the dog during the day if needed, and how to find financial assistance, for example.

You should also do your own rehome_research on the organization you are considering. While most shelters try to provide a safe space for the animals, many are overcrowded. Know as much about the facility as possible before you surrender your bulldog.

Options Other Than Surrendering to a Shelter

Shelters are not the only place where you can give up your dog. There are other, better options available to you. Rescues, for example, are generally privately run. This is a location where the dog will be able to stay until they are adopted.

It does not mean that adoption is guaranteed, but the dog will be able to stay there as long as needed. Just make sure that you rehome_research the rescue and contact them before you bring your pet to them.

There is also the option of rehoming your bulldog on your own or through an adoption website. This takes some additional time, but it will ensure that you can find a great home for your dog.

If you are going to try to rehome on your own, stay away from sites like Craigslist, as you never know if you can trust the people on those sites. Always charge a rehoming fee, as this gives the adopter a financial investment in the animal. Those who have bad intentions toward your pet will not want to pay a fee. Always make sure that you screen people before you let them adopt your pet.

You can also opt to use Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com, a website that helps owners like you find responsible, caring adopters who want to bring your pet into their home. It’s a fantastic option to consider when you need to rehome your pet.

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