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How Do I Surrender My Boxer?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


If you’re asking, "how do I surrender my boxer," you’ve probably decided that you can no longer keep your pet. You’ll have a few options; including surrendering your dog to a local shelter. This typically includes meeting with an intake specialist and paying a surrender fee. The exact protocol varies, but what remains the same across the board, is that you’ll have no say in what happens to your dog once he’s been surrendered.

Will the Shelter Find a Home for My Boxer if I Surrender Him? 

In a perfect world, every dog that entered a shelter would end up in a great home. In reality, it doesn’t always work like that. It often has nothing to do with lack of effort on the part of the shelter team; instead it comes down to simple math. If more people are surrendering dogs than are looking to adopt a dog then it may be difficult to find a good situation for your boxer.

Is There a Way to Guarantee He’ll Eventually Find a Home? 

The best way to make sure your dog ends up in a loving home is to find that home yourself. This is an option overlooked by many pet owners because they aren’t sure where to begin to find a good home for their dog.

While it will take a bit of time and effort, you don’t have to go it alone. Resources are available to help you. One great resource is Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. From expert advice to online tools like the ability to create a profile and communicate with adopters, this website simplifies the process of finding a perfect home for your boxer so you can avoid the need to surrender him to a shelter.

An added benefit? In addition to ensuring a happy future for your boxer, you also help other dogs by freeing up the shelter’s resources to better care for them.

Put in the effort to find a new family for your boxer. You’ll have peace of mind knowing his happy, healthy future is secured. 

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