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What Is a Reasonable Rehoming Fee for a Boxer?

by Adopt a Pet, | March 5, 2024

What Is a Reasonable Rehoming Fee for a Boxer?

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You’ve decided to rehome your dog and are wondering what is a reasonable rehoming fee for a boxer. The exact amount is up to you, but typical fees range from $50 to $350. The amount isn’t as important as the fact that you’re charging a fee (but it should never be less than $50) as doing so protects your dogs from the dangers of being list as free to a good home.

Why Should I Charge a Rehoming Fee? 

When you see an ad listing a dog or cat as free to a good home, you may not realize the danger that situation places the dog in. There are people who actively look for such ads and then get the dogs for use as bait dogs or to sell to labs.

These people pretend they want a pet, and they can be very convincing. It’s scary to think that people do such things, but charging a rehoming fee of at least $50 greatly reduces the danger.

It also shows that the potential adopters are willing to invest in the dog. If they are unwilling to pay a rehoming fee, they may also be unwilling to pay for medical care and the other needs of the pet.

Online Resources to Help with Rehoming 

You’ve made the right decision in choosing to rehome your boxer yourself, but if you’re like many pet owners you might be unsure where to start. Fortunately, there are online resources, such as Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com that provide expert advice along with valuable tools to help you in the process. 

You’ll be able to create a profile for your boxer, accept applications, communicate with potential adopters, and more.

Rehoming your pet yourself takes some time and effort but, when done properly, gives your boxer the best chance at a happy future. 

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