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How Long Does the Humane Society Keep Beagles?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


The Humane Society keeps beagles for varying amounts of time, based on several different factors. The hold times can be different from one location to the next. It will also depend on the amount of space that is available, along with your dog’s temperament and health.

Often, if a dog is a stray, they will have a longer hold time than a dog that’s been surrendered by the owner. This is to ensure that the stray’s owners have time to come find and claim him.

Although the Human Society wants to help animals, they often have limited space. Even though the goal is to ensure that pets are adopted, this does not always happen, unfortunately.

You should keep these things in mind if you’re considering surrendering your beagle to the Human Society. There may be other options that work out better for you and your dog.


Rather than heading to the animal shelter with your beagle, you could choose to rehome_research local shelters. You may find shelters in your area that accept dogs, and perhaps even one that specializes in beagles. Rescues will keep your dog until he is adopted. However, not all dogs get adopted out of rescues either. Because rescues do not euthanize the animals, they are a popular option. This means that they are often full and may not have the room to accommodate your beagle.

Rehoming Your Beagle

One of the best options is to rehome your dog with someone that you already know. You might have a family member or a friend who has been considering adopting a dog. Ask people you know if they or anyone they know might be looking to adopt. Still, make sure you rehome_research the person to ensure they have the means and the space to care for your beagle properly. After all, you want to be sure that he has a great home.

If you do not know anyone personally that can adopt, there is another option. The Internet makes it easy to find potential adopters, but you do have to be careful about where you look for people online. Instead of choosing a site like Craigslist to list your beagle, choose Rehome. This is a platform created by Adopt-a-Pet.com that makes it easier to find your beagle the perfect home.

You can add a profile for your dog that includes photos, videos, and all of the pertinent information about them. Make sure you’re honest about your dog’s personality and needs in the bio to ensure that only the right people fill out an application to adopt.

One of the benefits of rehoming your dog with the platform is that you get to see the applications and then choose which home he goes to. This gives you more peace of mind since you’ll know that you did your very best to ensure that he gets a great new place to live with a family that loves him.

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