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What Does It Mean to Rehome a Beagle?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


When you rehome your Beagle, it means that you give up your dog and allow someone else to become his owner. Although you love your dog and you never dreamed that you might have to someday give him up, life can throw you curveballs. Regardless of the reason that you’re no longer able to keep your dog, you need to understand what rehoming means and how to find the right place for your dog to go.

Are You Sure Your Beagle Needs to Be Rehomed?

Before you commit to rehoming your Beagle, consider some of the other options that could be available. First, you have to think about why you’re unable to keep your dog. Is it because he has a behavioral problem? Is it because you aren’t able to provide him with enough exercise and attention during the day while you work? Are you moving to a location that doesn’t allow dogs?

There may be solutions to these problems, so you don’t have to rehome. For example, you could learn to train your Beagle properly or hire someone to do the training. You could also hire someone to come and walk your dog when you’re unable to walk him. There are also doggy daycare facilities that you may want to consider. Additionally, you could look for alternate housing options where dogs are allowed. Make sure that you exhaust all possibilities before you decide on rehoming.

What About Shelters and Rescues?

Keep in mind that shelters and rescues are not true rehoming options. Instead, these options should be the last on your list. Shelters try their best, but they often have limited space, and they have policies on how long they can keep pets before they are euthanized. No-kill shelters exist, but they are rare, and they are often full.

While rescues will keep your dog indefinitely, there is still no guarantee that they’ll ever be adopted. Living in a rescue is not the same as living in a loving home. Instead of these options, you should consider choosing true rehoming.

Better Ways to Rehome Your Beagle

Fortunately, there are several options. The first you’ll want to consider is getting in touch with family and friends who might be interested in taking your Beagle. They might already know him and love him, and if they are looking for a dog, this is a perfect way to rehome.

Another option is to use the Rehome platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com. This is a simple-to-use site that is free for owners like you. It allows you to set up a profile for your pet with a bio, videos, and images. You can let potential adopters know more about your dog and what he likes and doesn’t like. Be honest about your dog’s temperament and any potentially problematic qualities. You can then check the adoption applications and make a decision on which person to choose so your Beagle has a loving new family.

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