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What Does It Mean to Surrender a Pug

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


When you surrender your Pug, it means that you’re turning over your legal rights for your dog to a shelter or a rescue. When you give up your legal rights, it means that you don’t have any say in who adopts him. It’s important to understand what surrendering entails and what you’ll need to do if this is one of the options you’re considering when giving up your Pug.

Can You Bring Your Dog to the Facility?

You can’t simply head to the animal shelter or rescue with your dog and expect them to take him the same day. Instead, you need to call first and set up an appointment. It’s a good idea to learn more about the shelter or rescue you’re considering before you surrender your Pug, too. Learn about the policies they have in place and how the facility operates.

You’ll find that rescues have no-kill policies, which probably interests you since you want to be sure your dog is safe. Of course, because of this, it means that rescues are usually filled and may not have room for your Pug. Shelters do not often have no-kill policies. They can keep dogs for a certain period, which can differ from one location to the next.

When you surrender your Pug, you no longer have legal rights to him. This means that you don’t have any control over who adopts him or even if he gets adopted. It’s out of your hands. The shelters, like rescues, do their best to ensure that they find people to adopt the dogs in their care, but it isn’t always possible.

Once you learn more about the facility, you can then contact them to set up an appointment. They’ll want to know more about your Pug including his age, health, and other pertinent information. The staff might also want to know why you have to give him up. This not only gives them a better sense of your dog, but it also lets them know if they have any resources that might help you. For example, they may have information about local trainers for behavioral issues, or a low-cost vet in your area.

Other Options for Finding a New Home for Your Pug 

Just because you have to give up your dog doesn’t mean that you need to surrender him to a rescue or a shelter. There are other options you can consider, too. One of the first things to consider is to give your Pug to someone you know. Maybe a relative or one of your friends has talked about getting a dog and would like to bring home your dog.

If you don’t know anyone who wants to adopt, you’ll find that the Internet can be a good way to find potential adopters. Always use a trusted site like Rehome from Adopt-a-Pet.com. This helps to ensure that you have a good batch of potential adopters from which to choose. You can set up a profile for your dog and then review the applications that come in for adoption. This gives you control over who becomes your Pug’s new owner.

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