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What is a Reasonable Rehoming Fee for a Maltese?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


A reasonable rehoming fee for a Maltese can vary but can often be from $50 up to several hundred dollars or more. Many factors can change the rehoming fee that’s expected. These could include whether your dog is a pure breed, the dog’s age, health, etc. Additionally, the location of the rehoming could play a role. Some areas may have cheaper fees than others.

Why Are Rehoming Fees Important?

Some people don’t appreciate the importance of rehoming fees. They believe that the fees are charged by owners who want to make money. However, anyone who needs to give up their dog knows this isn’t the case. You love your dog and wouldn’t give him up if you didn’t have to. The rehoming fees aren’t to make money; they help to ensure the safety of your dog when they go to a new owner.

The rehoming fee shows that the person adopting your dog is serious and committed to providing a good home. They weren’t someone who just happened upon an ad for a dog and decided to adopt on a whim.

The fees also help to ensure more safety for your dog. While people may not like to think about it, the world’s a dangerous place. Some people are looking for free animals to use as training dogs and bait for fighting dogs. Others want free animals that they can then sell to labs. Rehoming fees help to prevent this.

When Don’t You Need to Charge a Rehoming Fee?

Of course, even though you should always charge rehoming fees when someone you don’t know is adopting your dog, they aren’t always needed. For example, when you know someone, such as a family member who wants to adopt, you don’t need to charge a rehoming fee. However, you do still need to be sure they’re the best option for your dog.

Do Shelters and Rescues Charge Rehoming Fees?

Rescues and shelters will charge adoption fees when someone wants to adopt a dog from them. Many of the same reasons for charging fees apply. However, you’ll find that these organizations will also charge for the adoptions to help make money to keep their facilities running. The money often goes right back into ensuring care for the animals housed there.

Rehoming Your Maltese with Rehome

If you worry about charging rehoming fees on your own, you could always use Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. This peer-to-peer adoption platform is easy to use, and provides the resources you need to find a new home for your Maltese.

The website is free for owners to use, and lets you create a detailed profile of your dog. Adopters can then determine whether your dog will be right for them. If she is, they’ll fill out an adoption application. You review the applications and find the best new owner and home for your beloved dog. 

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