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How Long Does It Take a Maltese to Get Used to a New Home?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 7, 2024


It’ll usually take a Maltese between one and three months to get used to a new home. Of course, this timeframe can vary based on a range of factors. The dog’s age, personality, and the new owner and home all play a part. Often, puppies and younger dogs can adapt to a new environment and owner faster. However, it’ll all depend on the dog. When you’re bringing home your Maltese, you must remember to be patient. Below, are some tips that can help.

Don’t Overwhelm Your New Dog

Don’t overwhelm your Maltese when she first comes to your home. This means you’ll want to introduce her to the house and the people who live in the house, but you don’t want to invite a bunch of friends over. Although you’re thrilled with your dog, it can be overwhelming for her to meet so many people at once when she’s still trying to get used to her new situation.

Provide a Safe Location

When you bring your new Maltese home, she should have a space that is her own. Having a dog bed in the corner of a room or her crate will be helpful. Give her a location where she can get away from everyone in the house and where no one will bother her when she needs some time alone. If she’s been rehomed with you, the owner might have sent along some of her favorite toys or blankets. Allow her to keep these—as long as they’re clean—as they can make her feel safe.

Include Your Dog 

While you want to provide her with a safe location, you don’t want her to ever feel neglected. Make sure that she’s a part of everything that’s happening in the house. Whether you’re watching TV, reading, or heading out into the yard, invite her along. Pet her, tell her she’s a good girl, and make her feel loved and appreciated.

Be Ready for Escape Attempts

Keep in mind that during the early days of her being with you, she’ll be confused. This is particularly true if she’s been rehomed. She still remembers her old owners and may believe that she should get back to them and her old home. This could cause your dog to attempt an escape. When you’re opening the doors in your home, be careful. You don’t want her to run out, get lost, or get hurt.

Set Up a Routine

To help get your Maltese accustomed to being in her new home, you should set up a routine from the first day. Feed her at the same time, take her for walks at the same time, etc. Dogs do well when they are on a schedule.

Be Patient

You might be fortunate, and your Maltese might get used to you and the new home in a matter of days or weeks. Other times, it’ll take longer, and that’s okay. Be patient, and eventually, she’ll come to love you just as much as she did her previous owner.

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Adopt a Pet

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