Being active with your dog can add some spice to the otherwise mundane task of regular exercise. If you have an energetic dog chances are they will love the exercise, and if you find your K9 bouncing off the walls and getting into trouble burning off that extra energy will help give you a little more quiet time at night. Running and biking are two good ways to help exercise both owner and pet. Here are some things to consider before you get out there.

    • Consider your dog’s overall physical condition before embarking on an exercise plan with him. If he’s older or overweight, the stress of running may be too much pressure on his joints. You might like to check with your veterinarian prior to starting.
    • Just like you, your dog needs to build up his endurance and strength over time to prevent injury and burn out. Start out slowly and watch him for signs of fatigue and overheating.
    • Since your dog doesn’t wear cushy sneakers, choose grass and dirt trails that are easy on his paws and check his pads periodically for cuts or injury.
    • If your going to bike you need to keep you and your pet safe. Ever see those clips of a dog running away from a rollerblader or biker. Don’t be that person. Invest in a leash that is made for biking.

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