Pia While I always love to hear about an animal being adopted from the shelter, the stories of special needs animals being given a second chance especially warm my heart! “Special needs” actually covers a broad spectrum of conditions and abilities. Some special needs animals require continued care such as assistance with walking or ongoing medication for conditions like diabetes or seizures. Others require little or no additional care. While animals who are deaf or blind occasionally need some extra protection or guidance, they typically adapt remarkably well, and few humans would even detect their limitations. Similarly, the loss of one limb typically does not limit an animal at all.

While adopting one of these very special creatures is a great idea, one can also foster them for local rescue groups. Finding temporary foster homes for these animals is always a huge need and of great help as they are being fully assessed or recovering from a procedure or amputation. If you’d like to adopt or foster a special needs animal in your area simply check the ‘special needs’ box when searching for your new best friend on Adopt-a-Pet.com.

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