We’ve heard all of the untrue and often downright, absurd stereotypes before. You know, “shelter pets are aggressive” or “shelter pets have all been abused.”  It’s enough to really scare off some adopters not only from saving the life of an animal that really deserves a chance, but experiencing the tremendous gifts that rescue animals have to give. As it turns out, by and large, shelter pets are soulful animals that have been known to pay back adopters tenfold with gratitude and love.  They are fun-loving, silly, and loyal. Shelter pets are just like any other pets. In an effort to help spread awareness of how terrific shelter pets are, we’re asking those of you on Facebook to click on this link and “SHARE” the image with your Facebook following, and the rest of you can share this post by using the share options below! Because the truth is, the ONLY thing wrong with shelter pets is that they are in a shelter!