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Click here to see local dogs available in your area, click here to see local cats. To find a specific local animal shelter, humane society, SPCA, dog rescue or cat rescue click here.

For breed info and rescue links, it's where to look!

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Maltese Adoption
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Homeless Pets Adoption
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Pug Adoption
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Schnauzer Adoption
Senior Pets
Sheltie Adoption
Shih Tzu Adoption
Siberian Husky Adoption
Small Dogs Adoption
Weimaraner Adoption
Yorkie Adoption
American Bulldog Adoption
Search & Adopt a Llama
Rescued Ferrets. Find a Ferret at a Shelter
Find a Goat to Adopt Here!
Rescued Skunks. Find a Skunk at a Shelter
Adopt a Peacock
Adopt a Chicken
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Adopt a Emu
Rescued Hedgehogs. Find a Hedgehog at a Shelter
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Adopt a Ostrich
Adopt a Bull
Search & Adopt a Cow
Search Pets for Sale at Local Shelters
Search Dogs for Sale at Local Shelters
Search & Adopt Brotogeris Parakeets
Search & Adopt Kakariki Parrots
Search & Adopt Missouri Foxtrotter Horses
Search & Adopt Norwegian Fjord horses
Search & Adopt Palomino Horses
Search & Adopt Paso Fino Horses
Search & Adopt Peruvian Paso Horses
Search & Adopt Standardbred Horses
Hamsters for Adoption - Search & Adopt a Hamster
Search & Adopt Parrots
Search & Adopt America Ponies
Rescued Mice. Find a Mouse at a Shelter
Search & Adopt Canaries
Rescued Rats. Find a Rat at a Shelter
Rescued Fishes. Find a Fish at a Shelter
Rescued Toads. Find a Toad at a Shelter
Search & Adopt Toucans
Search Animals at a Pet Rescue
Rescued Snakes. Find a Snake at a Shelter
Rescued Sheep. Find a Sheep at a Shelter
Search & Adopt a Chinchilla
Rescued Prairie Dogs. Find a Prairie Dog at a Shelter
Rescued Tarantulas. Find a Tarantula at a Shelter
Rescued Gerbils. Find a Gerbil at a Shelter
Rescued Frogs. Find a Frog at a Shelter
Search & Adopt Budgie Parakeets
Rescued Iguanas. Find an Iguana at a Shelter
Rescued Lizards. Find a Lizard at a Shelter
Rescued Scorpions. Find a Scorpion at a Shelter
Rescued Guinea Pigs. Find a Guinea Pig at a Shelter
Rescued Geckos. Find a Gecko at a Shelter
Search & Adopt Lipizzaner Horses
Search & Adopt Draft Horses
Find a Rabbit at a Shelter
Rescued Tortoises. Find a Tortoise at a Shelter
Search & Adopt a Pig
Search & Adopt Miniature Horses
Search & Adopt Quarterhorses
Search & Adopt Eclectus Parrots
Search & Adopt Finches
Search & Adopt Gypsy Vanner Horses
Search & Adopt New Forest Ponies
Rescued Sugar Gliders. Find a Sugar Glider at a Shelter
Search & Adopt Curly Horses
Search & Adopt a Degu
Search & Adopt Button Quails
Dogs for Adoption
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Search Dog Adoptions Now
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Search & Adopt Lorikeet Parrots
Search & Adopt Macaw Parrots
Search & Adopt Parakeets
Search & Adopt Parrotlet Parrots
Search & Adopt Warmblood Horses
Adopt Dogs, Search Now
Search & Adopt Haflinger Horses
Search & Adopt Grade Horses
Search & Adopt Friesian Horses
Search & Adopt Donkeys
Search & Adopt Pionus Parrots
Search & Adopt Rosella Parrots
Search Pets for Adoption
Search & Adopt Ringneck Parrots
Search & Adopt Softbills
Search & Adopt Poicephalus Parrots
Search & Adopt Swans
Search & Adopt Morgan horses
Search & Adopt Mustang horses
Search & Adopt Rocky Mountain Horses
Search & Adopt Mules
Search & Adopt Connemara Ponies
Search & Adopt Dales Ponies
Search & Adopt Pinto Horses
Search & Adopt Percheron Horses
Search & Adopt Burros
Dog Adopt - Search Dogs Here
Search & Adopt Trakhener Horses
Puppy Rescue Search
Adopt Cats, Search Now
Search & Adopt Saddlebred Horses
Search & Adopt Tennessee Walking Horses
Search & Adopt Clydesdale Horses
Search & Adopt Gaited Horses
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Search & Adopt Shetland Ponies
Search & Adopt Welsh Ponies
Search & Adopt Caique Parrots
Search & Adopt Mynahs
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Australian Shepherd Adoption
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Search & Adopt African Grey Parrots
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Search & Adopt an Alpaca
Adopt a Appaloosa Horse
Search & Adopt Appendix Horses
Search & Adopt Arabian horses
Search & Adopt Belgian Horses
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