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Bichon Frise puppies and dogs in Boulder, Colorado

Looking for a Bichon Frise puppy or dog in Boulder, Colorado? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Bichon Frise near you.

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Adopt a Bichon Frise near you in Boulder, Colorado

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These Bichon Frises are available for adoption close to Boulder, Colorado.
Photo of Miss Honey

Miss Honey

Bichon Frise Mixed Breed (Small)

Female, 11 yrs 2 mos
Berthoud, CO
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Spayed or Neutered,
Miss Honey is a very sweet Bichon Frise/mix and weighs approximately 18lbs (she's a tad bit overweight). She loves to play and receive attention! She is completely blind (no eyes), housebroken, spayed and received a dental, microchipped and UTD on all vaccines. She is 10-12 years old. Honey would like to be an "only child" but she also does great around her foster siblings. She does fine around other dogs as long as she has had time to adjust. She will sometimes startle easily and has snapped at dogs or a person (out of fear, just a correction is needed). We recommend that she not be with small dogs. The following information is from Miss Honey's foster mom: "When Miss Honey first came to us, she was confused. Her eyes were painful and she had just left a home where she had possibly spent her entire life. We weren't sure if she had been around other dogs, so that was an adjustment. She was shy and didn't really know how to react toward other dogs - she would growl, but would also be wagging her tail. She would snap by shaking her head at other dogs and not attack, but she's not actually aggressive. Miss Honey has had a dental and both of her eyes removed. She's very happy She takes the stairs like a champ. She's very loving and a great cuddler, She will walk on a leash with her person as long as you guide her by voice & leash. She does well with a routine. Oh and when she barks, her ponytail ears flop away! Honey is really the best little dog and gets around so well despite being blind. She can go up and down stairs once she knows her area. Honey is terrified of thunder, fireworks and loud noises. She’ll start circling and pacing, all you would need to do is remove her from the area that she’s in. Quiet is all she needs."

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Photo of Ziggy


Shih Tzu Poodle (Miniature)

Male, Young
Boulder, CO
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with kids, Good with dogs,
Ziggy is an incredibly cute ball of cottony fluff that climbs into your heart (and lap) with a wag and a kiss. What isn't clear in these blurry photos is how truly beautiful this dog is with his shining and soft as cotton coat and dark eyes filled with so much wisdom beyond his years. Once he gets a much-needed spa day, Ziggy will absolutely be one of the most adorable guys around. At just about 2ish years old and 17 lbs, Ziggy is a perfect size to accompany his family just about everywhere a sweet, smaller dog is welcome while being large enough to be right there with his people enjoying the sunshine and Colorado paths with his family. Ziggy is every bit the young guy...very fun and playful with many, many healthy and active years ahead. But at the same time, once comfortable in his environment, Ziggy is a happy and well-behaved pup who falls deeply in love with his family. Ziggy will blossom when given respect and nurturing. For the first time in his life he'll understand what pure love feels like..and he'll be overjoyed! Our wish for Ziggy is a family that understands, loves and is patient with a dog that has gone through many changes in his life. Ziggy was turned into our rescuer through no fault of his own. We want to make it up to this irresistible Shihpoo with a forever home that loves him like crazy and respects him in a forever kind of way. At this point in Ziggy's development, he wants to love everyone but is just a bit hesitant for a second..and then he inches closer and closer until he's there to hold close. With respect, nurturing and just a little bit of patience, this gorgeous dog will shine. Farfel's wants to nurture a positive vision of the world by matching Ziggy to a family who expresses their devotion for him in many different ways. We'd like Ziggy to attend positive reinforcement / force obedience classes to be the very best adult dog he's capable of being. These classes develop strong bonds between a family and their dog. Farfel's is happy to provide a list of positive reinforcement / force-free trainers in your area. We feel that Ziggy would be most comfortable with an adult family or with older kids (Ziggy really enjoys children) where voices are softer and the energy is calmer. He is a natural-born snuggler and a very loving guy. These personality traits come out when Ziggy feels secure within his family. We feel that our sweet guy is too sensitive to be left alone while his family works full-time hours outside of the home. Retirees or those that work from a home-based office would be a great choice for Ziggy. Right now Ziggy is a blank slate who will soak up positive feedback with every effort to be the best behaved and most cuddly guy around. Ziggy (once comfortable) is so loyal that he can easily be a constant companion. He would love nothing more than being together outdoors in the sunshine, participating in trips to the store (he's a great window-shopping friend), lap-sitting or just hanging out would be perfect for the family-oriented Ziggy. He is flexible enough once comfortable in his environment that he can be introduced to virtually any situation, and if there is love and gentle guidance, he can succeed. Ziggy has the gorgeous, non-shedding hair that speaks of both breeds in his mix. He will therefore require a lifelong commitment to periodic grooming (approximately every 8 - 10 weeks) and great nutrition (5 star food and a daily supplement of salmon oil would be perfect for longevity and hair care) to keep his coat very healthy, cottony-soft and shining. Ziggy is arriving on transport in Boulder in early March (we'll update once information becomes available). Applications are currently being accepted for our loving guy and can be found at If interested in this beautiful, cuddly and fun-loving best friend, please fill out our application completely and submit. **PLEASE NOTE** If you're truly interested in adopting Ziggy please be sure to fill out the Farfel's Rescue adoption application that can be found at the link above or at Rescue site applications such as Adoptapet and Petfinder don't provide enough information for our purposes. Our Farfel's application is the only initial tool that we have to determine a great match for this very deserving dog. We're sorry, but in most cases, we're unable to get back to those that don't submit a Farfel's Rescue adoption application. Thanks very much for choosing rescue.

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