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British Shorthair kittens & cats in Barrie, Ontario

Looking for a British Shorthair kitten or cat in Barrie, Ontario? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable British Shorthair near you.

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These British Shorthairs are available for adoption close to Barrie, Ontario.
Photo of Rotini


British Shorthair

Male, 2 yrs 7 mos
Markham, ON
(when grown) -
Good with kids, Spayed or Neutered,
SPECIAL NEEDS - URINARYRotini here is the poster child for the joke “purebred cats often come with purebred problems”. Despite being such a young boy, he’s had a rough go this year. He had a cystotomy (surgery to remove bladder stones) back in June, and then he was admitted to the emergency hospital in October where he was diagnosed with a urinary obstruction which can be very life threatening. The emergency hospital was able to successfully unblock him and he did well after he was discharged. However, in the following weeks he started vocalizing and straining in the litter box again. His family was unable to afford another emergency visit for him and scheduled a euthanasia appointment so he would no longer be in pain. Wellington reached out to us to instead see if we would be willing to take him on, and we picked him up an hour later. We took him straight to the emergency clinic and they were able to perform a perineal urethrostomy surgery (essentially widening the opening of his urethra to decrease the chances of a recurring obstruction). He has recovered quite well from the procedure and has been closely monitored by the Wellington team. He has had no urination issues although he currently has some diarrhea (suspect due to a combination of the antibiotics he was on and stress of being boarded at the vet). He is still a little sensitive when we clean his back end for him (he’s a little too chunky to be able to reach) but we don’t blame him after everything he’s been through. He is a very sweet boy, although he’s still quite shy and we’re still learning more about him day by day. He will need some time to adjust to new environments, and is sensitive with loud noises and sudden movements. He also is not fond of being picked up for long periods of time. He’s a gentle and affectionate boy who enjoys chin scratches and is relatively “chill” for his age, and enjoys mostly lounging around. He does indulge in the zoomies every now and then, and enjoys his catnip and wand toys. He can be chatty when he wants food and/or your attention and often has the “no thoughts, head empty” look going on. He doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of other animals, but it’s possible he may be okay with other laid-back animals with proper introduction. It’s extremely important for him to go to a forever family that wants him for more than his charming looks. He will need a home that is committed to providing a low-stress environment and monitoring him closely for any recurring concerns. He must remain on a prescription urinary diet (ideally canned only - clearly he’s not picky) and he is already on a diet. Different vets have different monitoring protocols for urinary cats, but his future will likely involve routinely monitoring his urine and possibly x-rays and/or bloodwork.Applications are reviewed in order received until an appropriate match is made. For more information about Next Chance Cat Rescue, please visit our website at
Photo of Muezza


British Shorthair

Female, Young
North York, ON
(when grown) -
Good with kids, Not good with dogs, Spayed or Neutered,
My pet is 2 years old and I adopted him from a friend who's mother cat had babies. I'm looking for a safe and happy home for him. He loves the sun light and likes to cuddle beside a person. He likes it when you talk to him and understands if you feel happy or upset. He likes to keep you company and make sure your well.

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