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How Long Does It Take a Husky to Get Used to a New Home?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 7, 2024


So you just brought home a husky. Now that he’s home with you, you might be wondering, "how long does it take a husky to get used to a new home?" It might surprise you to know that it can take some dogs several months to fully settle in and get used to your routine. If you’ve adopted a husky and think it’s just not working out, make sure you’re giving him the time he needs to realize that he is home.

Why Does It Take So Long?

Some dogs will jump into a routine faster than others. Why it takes some dogs longer depends on various factors such as the dog’s personality, his background, and how different the new routine is from what he is used to. If you adopted your dog from a shelter, you may not know his complete history. Maybe he’s been to several different homes before landing in yours. If that’s the case, it’s understandable why it would take him longer to realize this is his forever home.

What Can You Do to Help Him?

The first, and most important, thing you can do is to not give up on him. Go in with the understanding that it could take months before he falls in line. If you still don’t think he’s progressing after a few months, consider working with a trainer or, if appropriate, an animal behaviorist.

Sadly, many people return their rescued dogs after just a few weeks. This isn’t fair to your dog, the shelter, or yourself. You adopted the husky for a reason, and if you give him enough time, grace, and perhaps the help of a trainer, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal companion who is secure in the fact that he’s finally home. 

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