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What Does It Mean to Surrender a Husky?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


If you’ve decided you can no longer keep your pet, you may be wondering, "what does it mean to surrender a Husky?’ As the word implies, it means that you give up all rights to your dog once you sign him over to a shelter. While shelters do their best to find homes for all the dogs in their care, this isn’t always possible, and it’s important to consider all the possible outcomes before signing him over.

Is There a Way to Know for Sure My Husky Will be Find a Home? 

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your Husky will find a new home once he’s at the shelter. That being said, shelters have different save rates, so doing a little rehome_research before surrendering your dog can give you some peace of mind.

If you find that the save rate is low, rehome_research another shelter, look for a reputable private rescue that may be able to help, or consider rehoming him yourself. Rehoming yourself gives you the ability to place him in home where you think he’ll be happy.

It will take more time and effort to find your Husky a home, but many pet owners find it’s worth it to know their pet is safe. If you’re not sure were to begin, you’ll be happy to know there are online resources that can help.

One such resource, Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com, has all the information you need to find a great home for your Husky. One key of finding the right home is getting your dog in front of as many potential adopters as possible, and Rehome can help with that too.

You’ll be able to create a custom profile for your pet that will be seen by people looking for a pet to adopt. You can also add a video, communicate with potential adopters, upload medical records, and even complete the adoption paperwork directly through the website.

For many pet owners who can no longer keep their pets, rehoming in an excellent alternative to surrendering their pet and it’s one that gives them a better chance at a happy future. 

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