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How Long Does It Take an English Bulldog to Get Used to a New Home?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


It will usually take an English Bulldog between one and three months to get used to a new home. However, you also have to remember that all dogs are different and they’ll take just as much time as they need to feel comfortable in your home. The dog’s age can also play a factor. Puppies and younger dogs will usually grow used to a new place and a new owner faster than older dogs.

Those who have owned English Bulldogs also know that they can sometimes be a bit stubborn about things. For this reason, it might end up taking a bit longer for the dog to fully acclimate to a new home and owner. However, when you use a few strategies, you can help to make this transition process easier on your dog and yourself.

Start Slowly 

The first couple of days that your new English Bulldog is in the house, you don’t want to overwhelm her. Give her a few days to acclimatize to the new surroundings. Let her rest and check the place out for herself. You can introduce her to the family members, of course, but you don’t want to have people over who don’t live in the house. It can become too much when she’s just trying to adjust.

Give her a space of her own, such as a doggie bed, along with some toys. When she goes to her space, let her be by herself for a bit, but make sure that she’s always welcome when she does want to come out and visit.

Over time, she’ll start to come around. It might take a while for her to bond with you as she did with her previous owner, but it will happen. Before long, it will be like she’s always been part of the family.

Prepare for Accidents and Escapes

Your new English Bulldog may be nervous in her new home, so you should be prepared for an upset stomach and maybe some bathroom issues during those first days or so. Sometimes, dogs lose their appetite in the beginning, so she might not eat as much. Watch her for signs of any health issues, but it’s usually just an adjustment period causing this to happen.

You should also be ready for any escape attempts. She might try to slip out when you open up the door and try to find her old owner. Make sure you’re aware of where she is when going into and out of the house.

Create a Schedule

It’s also a good idea to create a schedule as soon as possible. This will be for feeding and walks. Getting your new dog onto a schedule is good for her, and it helps to build a routine that she can learn. It also gets her used to her new life a bit faster. Make sure you also have consistent potty breaks for her and have her get to bed around the same time each night.

As long as you’re patient with her, you’ll see that she’ll begin to come around and feel more welcome in her new home. Just give it some time, love, and care. 

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