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Do You Have to Pay to Rehome a Corgi?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


If you’re the owner and looking to rehome your corgi, you don’t have to pay. However, if you’re someone looking to adopt, you can expect to pay a rehoming fee. You must understand the types of fees that are charged whether you’re adopting or you’re the owner.

Why Use Rehoming Fees? 

Some people don’t like the idea of rehoming fees. They mistakenly believe that the fees are charged by owners who want to make money off their animals, but this isn’t the case. The reason rehoming fees are charged is to show the owner that the person who wants to adopt is willing to invest in the dog.

Even more importantly, it helps to keep your dog out of the hands of people who might want to do her harm. Some look for cheap or free dogs that they resell to labs or use as bait for fighting dogs. Rehoming fees are important.

Do Shelters and Rescues Charge Rehoming Fees?

Even though they might not call them rehoming fees, you’ll find that these facilities still charge when people use them to find a new dog. When someone adopts a Corgi through one of these facilities, they’ll have to pay an adoption fee. These fees serve the same type of purpose as rehoming fees that individuals would charge. They help to keep the dogs safer.

If you’re an owner and you need to surrender your Corgi to one of these organizations, you’ll need to pay what’s called a surrender fee in most cases. This fee is also used to help care for the animals in the facility. The cost of the fee can vary, but you’ll find that it’s usually at least $50.

Rehoming Using Online Sites

One of the best options to find a new home for your Corgi today is to use online pet adoption sites. These sites help to bring adopters and owners together. These sites can result in faster adoptions since you’ll have a number of people looking at the animals.

If a site requires owners to pay when listing their dog, you should choose a different site. Using Rehome from Adopt-a-Pet.com is a good solution. The service is free for owners to use. You can list your Corgi and build a profile for her on the platform. This can include videos, pictures, and a bio. Those who want to adopt can look at this information and have a better idea of whether they want to adopt your corgi. If they do, they’ll then apply.

You can review the applications for your Corgi and then determine which of the potential adopters is the best fit. It gives you a lot of control over who gets your dog, so you can be sure that she’s going to a great home.

Those who adopt using Rehome will pay a rehoming fee to the site. This is a small fee that’s similar to adoption fees charged by shelters and rescues. The money will be used to help other animals find permanent homes.

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