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How Do I Surrender My Corgi?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


You can surrender your Corgi to a shelter or a rescue after you’ve contacted a facility and set up an appointment. However, it’s important to understand more about these organizations, their policies, and other options that are available if you have to give up your Corgi.

What to Expect When You Surrender

First, you need to realize that you can’t simply head to the shelter or rescue with your dog. Instead, you need to make an appointment. Before you do this, though, it’s always a good idea to learn more about the facility and its policies. Keep in mind that different organizations will have different regulations, so you should always look up the facilities in your area to get a better idea of what they provide.

Rescues are no-kill facilities, and your dog could stay there until he’s adopted. However, there’s no guarantee that anyone will adopt. Rescues are often full, as well, which means that they might not have any room to take your Corgi.

Shelters have a limited amount of space and they often have to euthanize animals to make room for more. They also try hard to make sure that the dogs at the facility are adopted, but there often aren’t enough people adopting from the shelters.

The facilities will typically charge a surrender fee when you bring your dog to them. This money helps to keep the organizations running. The cost of this fee varies from one location to the next, but it’s usually at least $50. When you contact the facility, the staff will let you know the cost along with any other paperwork or information you might need to have.

Can You Keep Your Dog?

The staff may also ask why you have to give up your dog. Ultimately, they want to do what’s best for your Corgi, and that might mean staying with you if it’s possible. Often, they’ll have resources that can be used to provide you with a better solution. For example, you might find that you aren’t able to give your dog as much attention during the day since you’re at work. The facility might have the contact info of doggie daycare facilities near you. If you have trouble with medical bills, they might have resources, such as information about low-cost vets.

Of course, you might still not be able to keep your Corgi.

Other Options to Consider

If you have to give up your Corgi, surrendering your dog is only one of the options available. You can still find other ways to give up your dog where you have more control over who adopts him. Consider talking with people that you know who might be looking for a dog to adopt.

There’s also the option of using a site like Rehome. This connects owners like you with people looking to adopt. The site lets you build a profile for your dog, review applications from people who want to adopt, and then choose the person you feel will be the best fit.

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