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Where Can I Put a Corgi Up for Adoption?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


You can put your Corgi up for adoption in several places online and offline, including services like Rehome. If you have to give up your dog, you want to be sure that they go to a good home if you can. Therefore, you’ll want to have a better understanding of the different places that you can put your dog up for adoption and what level of control you’ll have when it comes to choosing their new owner.

Rescues and Shelters

Some of the first things that often come to peoples’ minds when they have to give up their dog are the animal shelter or a rescue center. It’s important to keep in mind that these facilities are different from one another in the way that they operate.

In a rescue, your dog can stay housed there for the remainder of his life while waiting for adoption. Because of this, these facilities are often full and won’t have room for new dogs. Most shelters can only hold dogs for a certain period before they have to make room for incoming animals. They may need to euthanize dogs in their care. Both of these types of organizations do their best to find people to adopt, but it doesn’t always happen.

Additionally, when you surrender your dog to one of these types of organizations, you’ll have to pay a surrender fee. This fee can vary, but it’s usually at least $50. When surrendering, you give up your legal rights to your Corgi, and you won’t have any say in who gets to adopt him.

Reach Out to Your Network

Another means of adoption for your dog would be to allow someone that you know, such as a friend or a family member, to adopt him. If you feel that they’ll be a good match for your Corgi, this can be a fast and relatively easy way to rehome him. However, you do need to be sure that the new owner can provide for all of your dog’s needs and give him a happy and healthy life.

One of the main benefits of letting someone you know adopt is that you already trust this persona. You can be sure they’ll do their best to give your dog a great home.

Rehoming with Rehome

Another option that you can consider when you’re looking for someone to adopt your dog is to use the Internet. Always choose a reputable site made specifically for pet adoption like Rehome from Adopt-a-Pet.com. This site lets you create a profile for your Corgi with images, videos, and a bio to let potential adopters know all about him. They can get a better idea of whether he’s the right dog for them and then apply to adopt him.

You can review the applications and Rehome even offers advice on what you should look for when reviewing. This can help to ensure that you find the best new owner for your dog. The service is free for owners, and it only costs the adopters a small rehoming fee. You’ll have full control over who gets to adopt your Corgi.

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