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How Do I Find a Good Home for My Husky?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


Giving up a pet isn’t easy, but if you’re asking, "how do I find a good home for my husky," then you’ve probably made the difficult decision to rehome your husky. You might not know exactly where to start, but one way to make the process easier is by taking advantage of online resources such as Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. Rehome offers advice from experts that will help you along every step of the process, as well as tools to help you find potential adopters.

Tips for Finding the Right Home

You don’t just want any home for your husky; you want the right home. That means you’ll have to learn a bit about potential adopters such as:

  • Do they have experience with the breed?

  • Do they have vet references?

  • Are they financially able to care for your dog?

  • Will they allow your dog to live inside?

  • Do they have an adequately sized yard or easy access to a dog park? 

Of course, before you even get to that point, you need to find potential adopters. In some ways, it’s a numbers game: the more people you can put his sweet face in front of, the more likely it is for someone to fall in love with him—and that is the goal!

Some ways to accomplish this include creating a profile on the Rehome website. When you post your pet’s profile through Rehome his bio will be published directly on Adopt-a-Pet.com where he can be seen by the millions of adopters that visit every month. Another option is to see if any breed-specific husky rescues will make a courtesy listing of your dog.

Before You Hand Him Over 

Before you send your husky to his new home, you’ll want to take the time to check personal and vet references and, schedule a meet and greet. Rehome has plenty of tips on how to safely setup a meet and greet with a potential adopter. If you’d like to conduct a home visit, this would be a good time to reach out to a rescue for assistance. Doing home visits on your own are not recommended for safety reasons, but since rescues know what to look for during a home visit they may be willing to help. Ask if they would be able to complete the visit for you in exchange for a donation to their organization.

Taking these steps will give you peace of mind, and gives your husky the best chance at enjoying a happy life in a new home!  

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