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How Do I Surrender My Shih Tzu?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


If you’re going to surrender your Shih Tzu, you’ll need to get in touch with a shelter or a rescue first. Most organizations will not allow you to walk into their facilities to drop off your dog without an appointment. They have procedures and protocols that need to be met first, and the first step is for you to learn more about the facility. Keep in mind that while there are similarities between shelters and rescues, they’re quite different.

Surrendering to Shelters and Rescues

A shelter can house your dog for a certain amount of time before they need to make room for other dogs. The amount of time they can hold your Shih Tzu will vary based on a range of factors. Some of those factors include temperament and age. Different locations will have different policies, as well.

Rescues are another option for surrendering. These facilities can keep your Shih Tzu until he’s adopted. However, because rescues are usually smaller and privately funded, they tend to have lower capacity for new dogs. You should still get in touch with any rescues in your area to be sure.

Regardless of whether you’ll be bringing your dog to a shelter or a rescue, you need to understand their procedures. Different facilities have different rules, but you’ll find that they all want you to make an appointment. They don’t want someone to just show up with their dog.

When you talk with the facility, they’ll let you know the paperwork that you need, and they’ll let you know about surrender fees. The cost of surrendering your dog varies based on factors like the facility and the location. Generally, it will cost between $50 and $150.

Once you surrender your dog to the facility, you no longer have responsibility for him. However, this also means that you no longer have rights to him. While these organizations try their best to care for the animals in their facilities, you might want to consider some of the other options.

Alternatives to Surrendering Your Shih Tzu

You may find the best option is to put your dog up for adoption online. Sites like Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com make it easy for you to create a profile for your dog that gives potential adopters all of the information they need. You can add information about your Shih Tzu’s personality and quirks, along with any issues he might have. You can also add photos and images.

Rehome then lets you review the adoption applications for your dog. You can determine which of these applicants will be best-suited to adopt your Shih Tzu. This provides you with more control, so you can be sure he’s going to a loving family. Best of all, it’s free for you to use, and the adopters will only pay a small rehoming fee that goes right back into helping more animals get adopted.

An even easier option would be to find someone that you already know who wants to adopt a dog. Maybe you have a family member or a friend that would like to adopt your Shih Tzu. Always take your time to find the best solution for your dog.

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