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Where Can I Put a Shih Tzu Up for Adoption?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


You can put your Shih Tzu up for adoption in many locations online and offline. The important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll always want to ensure that your dog goes to the best home possible, and this can take some work on your part. However, you’ll feel much better about the situation when you do.

No one imagines a scenario where they might have to give up their dog, but it happens. Perhaps you have to move to a location that won’t allow dogs– even a small, sweet dog like your Shih Tzu. Maybe you feel that you can’t take care of him properly any longer because of your health reasons or other issues. Regardless of the reason, you have no choice but to give up your dog for adoption. What’s the best way to go?

What Are Your Options?

The first option you’ll want to consider is family and friends. You may know someone in your family who has been talking about adopting a dog. Maybe they would like to adopt your Shih Tzu. This would be a great scenario since you already know whether they would be a good fit for your dog. It helps to provide you with some additional peace of mind.

You may not have anyone in your family or group of friends that can adopt your dog, of course, so you’ll want to find other options. The Internet can help to make this easier thanks to pet adoption sites. Be sure you’re using reputable sites and not classified ad sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Instead, choose Rehome. This is a platform from the largest pet adoption site in North America, Adopt-a-Pet.com. It’s a peer-to-peer pet adoption services that’s easy to use and that provides some features to ensure your dog gets the right new owner. On the site, you’ll fill out a detailed profile of your dog, which is then seen by potential adopters along with any photos or videos you add.

You must take the time to create a detailed profile that highlights all of the wonderful things about your Shih Tzu, as well as some of his "not so great" quirks and behaviors. For example, if he doesn’t get along with other small pets, this is something you’ll want to note. After all, you won’t want him in a home where he won’t feel comfortable and where the family might have to turn around and give him up.

Can Dogs Be Adopted from Shelters and Rescues?

Dogs are often adopted from shelters and rescues, but it’s never a guarantee. When you take your dog to a rescue, as long as they have available space for your dog, they’ll house him until he’s been adopted. However, there are not always enough people looking to adopt. With shelters, they’ll hold your dog for a certain period. After the period has passed, they may need to euthanize. Shelters try their best to find people to adopt, but it doesn’t always happen.

Always take the time to consider what’s best for your dog and help find him the perfect new home. 

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