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How Do I Find a Good Home for My Shih Tzu?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


To find a good home for your Shih Tzu, you’ll want to put in some time and effort. Fortunately, there are many options available, but you need to know what you should be looking for in a new owner. After all, you can’t trust just anyone to take good care of your cherished Shih Tzu. Let’s look at some of the biggest things you’ll need to consider when choosing someone to adopt your dog.

Be Honest About Your Dog

When you’re trying to find a good home for your Shih Tzu, you need to be honest about him. This is where many people falter. They want to find someone who can adopt so they don’t have to surrender their dog to a shelter. However, if you aren’t honest, the new owner might eventually give up the dog to a rescue or a shelter anyway.

Always be clear about your dog’s personality and needs. If he has medical issues, you need to be transparent with potential adopters. They need to know what the costs will be and what the problems are to determine whether it’s a financial responsibility they can handle.

Be honest about your dog’s temperament, too, or it could cause problems. If your Shih Tzu doesn’t get along with kids and snaps at them, this is something the owner needs to know. If they don’t like large dogs or cats, potential adopters need to know this, too.

What’s Their Home Like?

Even though you might be clear in your description of your dog’s personality, quirks, and needs, it doesn’t mean that the adopter is paying attention. Therefore, you want to get a better sense of them as a person, particularly what their home is like. If they have other pets and you specifically said that your Shih Tzu doesn’t get along with other pets, they aren’t the right new owner. If your dog snaps at small children, he shouldn’t be placed in a home with toddlers, including visiting grandchildren.

Learn as much as you can about the potential adopters and then choose the family that will be the best fit for your dog.

Use Rehome to Find the Right Match

While it can be a lot of work to find someone to adopt your dog that you trust and that will provide a great home, it’s possible. It’s even easier when you use the Rehome platform. Rehome is a peer-to-peer adoption service that allows pet owners to post their pets directly on Adopt-a-Pet.com where they can be seen by the millions of adopters who visit the site each month.

You’ll create a detailed profile of your Shih Tzu, so you can add all of the types of information mentioned above. You’ll add images and videos, too, so people can see what your cute Shih Tzu looks like. Interested people can then fill out adoption applications. You’ll go through those applications and determine which of the potential adopters will be the right choice for your dog’s new home.

Using sites like Rehome helps to ensure that your dog has a wonderful, safe place to live. It’s free for owners to use, and adopters only pay a small rehoming fee.

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