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How Long Does the Humane Society Keep Golden Retrievers?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


The length of time a Humane Society will keep golden retrievers can vary based on the location of the facility, and other factors. Typically, the laws require that there be a minimum period of five to seven days to keep your dog. However, this could be shorter or longer in some cases.

Know the Policies in Your Area

Different states will have different regulations, so you’ll want to check the hold times for your area before you decide to surrender your golden retriever to the shelter. Check with them about their policies. The same goes for any other shelter that you might be considering if you need to surrender your dog.

Do You Need to Give Up Your Golden Retriever?

Before you surrender your dog, you’ll want to determine whether there might be other options for keeping him. The shelter websites will often have a list of resources that could be used to help deal with any minor problems you might be having with your dog. For example, they may have links to trainers, low-cost veterinary services, dog walkers in the area, etc. Always look for means by which you could keep your dog if possible.

Of course, we also know that it’s not always feasible for you to keep him. Some circumstances are beyond your control and may require you to give him up.

Consider Options Other than Shelters

Although shelters do their best to try to find homes for the animals that come through their doors, it’s not always possible. You want to be sure that your golden retriever has the best life possible after he leaves you, and this means you may want to look for options other than surrendering to the Humane Society or another shelter.

One of the options that you may want to consider is a local rescue. There may even be rescues that specialize in golden retrievers. These are no-kill facilities, where your dog will live until he’s adopted. Still, adoption isn’t a guarantee. You should also realize that these facilities are popular because of their policies, which means they might already be full.

Fortunately, you still have some other options to consider.

Consider Rehoming

You should talk with your friends and family members to see whether they or anyone they know might be interested in adopting your dog. It’s easier to determine whether someone you know is a good fit for your dog and his quirks or not. You’ll also know whether they have the means to provide your dog with what he needs in terms of love, attention, space, and care.

You may not know anyone who is looking to adopt right now, and that’s okay. Online adoption sites like Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com can help connect you with people looking to adopt a dog. Rehome makes the process easier by giving you the tools you need to promote your pet. It also charges adopters a rehoming fee, so you can be sure your dog is going to someone who really wants him. Fill out the profile for your dog and then review the adoption applications that come through. You get to choose which candidate gets your dog and ensure that he ends up in a loving new home.

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