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How Do I Surrender My Golden Retriever?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 7, 2024


You can surrender your golden retriever by bringing her to a shelter or a rescue. However, you need to be sure that you follow the rules and procedures of the facility you choose. You can’t just bring your dog to the facility and hope that they’ll take her the same day. It’s important to set up an appointment first and to talk with the professionals at the facility.

Check out the Websites

The first thing you’ll want to do is check out the facilities located in your area by looking them up online. You may have one or more shelters in your area, and you’ll likely have some rescues, too. In some cases, you might even find rescues that specialize in golden retrievers.

Take the time to read through the information on the site, which can give you some basic information about their policies. Rescues, for example, are no-kill facilities, but they might have restrictions on breeds that they take. Also, remember that these rescue organizations are popular when people are giving up their pets, so they may be full.

Shelters will be able to take your dog once you have an appointment. They only keep dogs for a certain period and may have to euthanize them at that point. Shelters always try their best to find someone to adopt your dog, and they take good care of her while she’s there. However, they can’t keep her forever. They don’t have space or the money to do so.

Set Up an Appointment

You’ll then get in touch with the facility by phone, so you can set up your appointment. They’ll likely ask you about your dog’s personality, temperament, age, and similar questions while on the call. They’ll also want to know why you need to give her up. They may have some resources that could help you to keep your dog.

Consider Ways to Keep Your Dog

If you aren’t able to provide your dog with enough exercise, for example, they might let you know about some local dog walkers or doggie daycare facilities that you could try. If you have trouble affording your dog, they could point you in the direction of financial resources that could help. Ultimately, they want what’s best for your dog, and that often means finding a way to stay with you. Check out the resources they offer to see if it’s possible.

Other Options for Rehoming Your Golden Retriever

Rehoming your dog could be a great option, even though it’ll take more work on your part. You can advertise her online through pet adoption sites like Rehome. This site, which is part of Adopt-a-Pet.com allows you to create a profile with photos, videos, and a bio and then publishes it on Adopt-a-Pet.com for millions of potential adopters to see. This lets you provide ample information, which can then be viewed by people who’re looking to adopt a golden retriever like her.

You can then review the adoption applications that come through and find a wonderful new home, and owner, for her.

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