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How Do I Find a Good Home for My Golden Retriever?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


You can find a good home for your golden retriever by being patient and taking the time to find the right adopters before rehoming her. Golden retrievers are popular dogs because they’re fun, friendly, and always adorable. While this often makes it easier to find good homes for them, you’ll still have to put in some work to ensure that you find an ideal new owner. Let’s look at some tips on how you can make sure you find her a great new home.

Consider Whether You Could Keep Your Golden Retriever

Giving up your golden retriever is sad, and it’s probably something that you never thought you’d have to do. However, you might feel like you don’t have any other choice. Before you give up hope, consider why you need to give her up, and see if there are resources available that could help you keep her.

For example, if you have to go out of town for work for a month or two, rather than rehoming her, see if you know anyone who could watch her for that time. If she has some behavior issues, consider hiring a trainer. If you’re having financial trouble and worry about caring for her, you can reach out to animal welfare organizations in your area to see if they know of pet food pantries or have other programs for owners facing hardships.

Of course, if you’re in an inflexible situation and you know you cannot keep your golden retriever, you’ll want to put in the work to find her a great new home.

You Know Your Dog Best

You know your dog better than anyone else, so you’ll know the type of home where she’ll do the best. Does she need to get out and get a lot of exercise like most dogs? Does she love spending time in or near water? Does she have any health issues? Maybe she had a bad experience with a cat when she was younger.

Consider all of the facets of your dog’s personality as you look for a potential new home for her. You want to be sure that she’ll be happy and will do well with her new family.

Look to Family and Friends

If you know anyone in your family who might be looking to adopt a dog or someone in your friend group that’s mentioned it, talk with them. They might want to adopt your dog. Golden retrievers have a great reputation as being friendly and great family dogs, so you might have some people already in your life that would love to have her.

Try a Pet Adoption Site

You can also find a range of pet adoption sites that can help you find potential adopters. It’s important that you rehome_research the site you’re considering first, and that you choose an option that won’t require you to pay anything to give up your dog. The rehoming fees should only be charged to those who adopt her.

Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com is a reputable and easy to use option. The peer-to-peer adoption service is free to owners and will allow you to post your pet directly on Adopt-a-Pet.com for millions of pet seekers to see. You can create a profile for your dog with a bio, photos, and videos. This will let the potential adopters learn more about her before filling out an adoption application. Rehome allows you to review the applications and finalize the adoption contract, they’ll also provide tips along the way to help you determine whether an applicant is a good fit for your dog. You won’t be left will all the guess work and uncertainty of trying to rehome completely on your own. 

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