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How Much Does It Cost to Surrender a Great Dane?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


If you have to surrender a Great Dane, the cost will typically be between $50 and $150, but this can vary. The location of the facility and the type of facility, for example, will often play a role. Some locations have higher costs for surrendering and for adoption than others will. Therefore, you’ll need to be sure you get in touch with the shelter or rescue to ask them about their fees.

What Should You Expect with a Shelter and Rescue?

Even though different shelters and rescues might serve similar functions, they can vary greatly from one place to another. Shelters in one area, for example, might have different hold periods for dogs than shelters in another location. Some rescues may not charge a surrender fee, although most do. Because of these discrepancies, you’ll want to be sure that you get in touch with the facility.

Start by visiting their website. This lets you know their location for when you make your appointment, and it can provide you with more insight into their policies and procedures. You’ll find their contact information, as well.

When you get in touch with the facility, they’ll let you know the cost of the surrender fees for your Great Dane. They’ll also want to know more about your dog including his age, his health, temperament, etc. They can then set up an appointment for you.

Sometimes, the shelter or rescue will want to know why you need to surrender your Great Dane. They will often have resources that they can provide for things like training, pet sitting, low-cost vets, and the like. These resources can help some owners keep their dogs rather than giving them up. If any resources might work for your needs, use them. After all, it’s better to keep your dog with you if it’s possible.

Of course, we know that it’s not always possible to keep your dog. You might need to move to a location that doesn’t allow any pets or that may have weight restrictions for dogs. In those cases, you might need to surrender your Great Dane.

Other Options

However, you may not need to send them to a rescue or an animal shelter. Other options could work for you, as well. For example, you might have someone in your life, such as a friend of the family, who has been looking for a dog. They may want to adopt your Great Dane. As long as they’re a good fit for your dog, it could be a perfect match.

You can also use online sites like Rehome to find a new home for your Great Dane. Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com, makes it easy to create a profile for your dog that contains pictures, videos, and a bio. The bio is where you’ll provide information about your dog’s personality, health, and more. This information will be helpful for potential adopters. They’ll know whether your dog’s right for them or not.

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