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What is the Best Way to Rehome a Great Dane?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


The best way to rehome your Great Dane is by vetting the potential adopters to ensure they are the right choice for your beloved dog. You’ll find that there are a few ways to do this and various options for adoption that you can try. Below, we’ll be looking into what you need to know.

What Are You Great Dane’s Needs

You know your dog well, and you know what she needs better than anyone else. You know whether she’ll do well with cats or small children, for example. You know if she has dietary issues or health problems. You know what your dog needs to have a happy and thriving life. Therefore, only you can determine who will be the best new owner for your dog.

Write a list of all of the most important information about your Great Dane, both good and bad, and use that when you are making your rehoming decision. This helps to ensure that she’ll be going to a wonderful new home.

Consider Friends and Relatives

If you have to rehome your Great Dane, talking with friends and family could be a good first step. They may be looking to adopt a dog of their own, or they might know someone who wants a dog. This can be a good way to find a home for your Great Dane with someone you already know, which can provide you with more peace of mind. It’s also easier for you to determine whether they have the capabilities to care for her properly.

Be Sure to Charge a Rehoming Fee

If you will be rehoming your dog with someone you don’t know, you must charge a rehoming fee. These fees aren’t to line the pockets of owners. Instead, owners use the fees to ensure that only the right people with good intentions are adopting their dog. They want to know that the person can afford the dog for starters. They also want to be sure that the person doesn’t have any hidden agenda for getting the dog.

Some people look for free dogs that they can use for fighting rings, or that they can turn around and sell to labs for a profit. Charging the rehoming fee will help to reduce the risk for your Great Dane. The only time you don’t need to charge a fee is when you’re rehoming your dog with someone you already know and trust.

Use an Online Pet Adoption Site

Another good option for rehoming your Great Dane is through a pet adoption site like Rehome. This platform will let you create a profile for your dog that includes photos, videos, and a bio. The bio will let potential adopters know all about your Great Dane. They can then determine whether they might be a good fit. Once adoption applications arrive, you can sort through them and choose the perfect new home for your dog. It’s a simple, safe, and effective method of rehoming.

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