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Where Can I Put a Great Dane Up for Adoption?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


You can put your Great Dane up for adoption online or in-person, but you always want to be sure he’s going to a great home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to understand how to put him up for adoption safely, so you can find a wonderful new home for your dog.

Letting someone else adopt your dog can be difficult. You probably never imagined that you would have to give up your dog. However, circumstances in life can change, and you may find that you do not have any other choice. It can be heartbreaking, but you want to do what’s best for him. Let’s look at some of the best options to consider.

Someone You Know

If you know someone that has been considering adopting a dog, this could be a good way to give him up. You already know the person, and you understand whether they’d be a good fit for your Great Dane or not. After all, you know your dog better than anyone, and it’s easy to see whether this person’s home would be a good fit.

Take some time to ask around fro family members and friends, and others in their circle to see if they’ve been looking for a large dog to adopt. This could be a fast and simple solution.

Online and Offline Adoption Options

If you’re going to allow someone you don’t know to adopt your Great Dane, whether you find them offline in your area or online, you need to be careful. It’s important that you know as much as possible about the potential adopter, so you can determine whether they’ll be a good choice. You also need to charge a rehoming fee. This provides your dog with some additional security. It means that people who are looking for fighting dogs or dogs to sell for labs won’t get their hands on your Great Dane. People with bad intentions don’t want to pay for pets, so you owe it to your dog to charge a rehoming fee.

You can make the entire process faster and easier when you choose a quality pet adoption site like Rehome. This is a peer-to-peer platform that’s part of Adopt-a-Pet.com. Create a profile for your dog, review the adoption applications that arrive, and then choose the perfect new owner for your pet. It’s simple and safe.

What About Shelters and Rescues?

It’s also possible to surrender your dog to a rescue or a shelter. However, you must remember that there’s no guarantee that he’ll be adopted out of these places. In the case of a rescue, he may stay there for the rest of his life. In shelters, he will only be able to stay for a certain period before they need to make room for incoming dogs. While the shelters and rescues try to provide the best possible care for the dogs while they’re there, you may want to reconsider some of the other options discussed above first.

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