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How Can I Find a Home for My Jack Russell Terrier?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


If you’re asking how can I find a home for my Jack Russell Terrier, it probably means you’ve decided that you can no longer keep your pet. If you’ve exhausted all options and you’re unable to keep your dog, taking the time to find him a suitable home is the next best thing you could do. One of the keys is getting your Jack Russell Terrier in front of as many potential adopters as possible. Reaching out to rescues and using online tools are two ways to do that.

Reaching Out to Rescues 

When dealing with purebred dogs, such as Jack Russells, reaching out to breed-specific rescues is a good starting point. Even if they don’t actively know someone who would be a good match, they may agree to place a courtesy listing of your dog’s profile on their social media or website.

Contact several Jack Russell rescues, and look for the ones with the biggest following on Facebook and Instagram for the best chance of finding a home this way.

Using Online Tools 

If you’ve never rehomed a pet before, it can be challenging to know where to start, but online tools make it easier. One excellent option is Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. The site features valuable advice along with user-friendly online tools that allow you to:

  • Create a pet profile

  • Upload medical records

  • Communicate with potential adopters

  • Review adopter applications

  • Respond to questions… and more! 

Even with help, the idea of rehoming your Jack Russell Terrier can seem overwhelming, but if you can’t keep your pet, it’s the option that gives you a voice in where your dog ends up—and that peace of mind is worth the time and effort it will take.

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