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How Much Does It Cost To Surrender A Cat?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 23, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Surrender A Cat?

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The cost to surrender a cat varies from organization to organization, but there is usually some type of fee. If you are considering surrendering your cat to a shelter or rescue, you may want to consider rehoming your cat in a way that is free and causes your pet less stress.

What alternatives do I have to surrendering a cat I can’t keep?

Rather than bringing your cat to a rescue or shelter, you can post her or him online to help find a new home! With this option, both you and your cat can remain in the comfort of your home while you search for someone to adopt your cat.

Begin with your network

The first step to take is asking people you know if they would like to adopt your cat. Call your friends and family, ask your neighbors, or post to social media to see if anyone is interested in keeping your cat. This option will give you peace of mind, because your cat will be with someone you know and trust.

Create a profile on Rehome

If no one in your network can adopt your cat, it’s time to make a profile on Rehome! This peer-to-peer service helps you to find a suitable new home for your cat by posting them on Adopt-a-Pet.com for millions of possible adopters to see. Making a profile is quick, simple, and completely free. Once you fill out all necessary information, your cat’s profile will be available for people to view.

What happens after I post my cat to Rehome?

Shortly after posting your cat to Rehome, you may see questions coming in. If you signed up for mobile alerts, anytime someone asks a question or applies for your cat, you will be notified, keeping you in the loop. When someone asks a question, you can respond so other potential adopters can see the answer as well.

You will also begin to receive applications for your cat. This can sometimes be overwhelming, so the Rehome team will offer pointers on how to pick the strongest applicants and how to avoid red flags.

Once you’ve narrowed down your applications, it’s time to meet the applicant in person. The Rehome team also offers tips on how to set up a successful and safe in-person meeting. From here, you’ll choose a new family for your cat and finalize the adoption. You can sign and access a contract through the Rehome portal as well as transfer all medical records.

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