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Balinese kittens & cats in Austin, Texas

Looking for a Balinese kitten or cat in Austin, Texas? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Balinese near you.

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Male, 4 mos
Austin, TX
(when grown) -
Spayed or Neutered,
Photo of *MARIPOSA



Female, 1 yr 3 mos
Austin, TX
(when grown) -
Spayed or Neutered,
Mariposa is a petite, lovely young retired mother, who loves attention with a big fast purr. She’s low key, low energy maybe more as she learns to socialize and play. Use the email below to reach out to her foster directly for more information or to set up a meet/greet.Email: adaywithfosters@gmail.comPictures: was a stray and birthed the day after being found by a good Samaritan, raised beautiful kittens and now learning to be a young cat again. She loves attention and rubs against your legs or jumps up for a lap. She’s a demure girl as she learns to trust and relax. In your lap or on the couch, she’ll roll around as she purrs showing her excitement and relaxes. She was a fantastic mother, rarely leaving the kittens and now she’s opening up. She’s ridiculously soft and loves all pets- chin, head, back scratches and lately even belly rubs with my foot. She’s OK being picked up briefly, but may squirm to get down.She`s progressing very well as she’s learning to socialize more without kittens. She has a big, quick purr… only occasionally making eye contact as she gains confidence but she never stops purring. She talks a little bit, chirps or trills and she has a very soft voice. She’s shy around new people and will come out from a cubby or under the couch after an ~hour or so for arm’s length pets when I push her over. She’ll need a patient or calm home as she startles easily with big noises or fast movements- like shaking out laundry or a crash if you drop something. She’ll scoot under something but never lashes out, just runs. She’ll come out after a bit and then back to normal. She’s come a long way and will need loving patience.She also loves to play and zoom. She loves mice, chases them to carry and throw… fast ping-pong balls, etc. She’s only gotten on the bed at night a couple of times before going back to her kittens but think she’ll warm up once they’re adopted.She`s perfect with the litter box and relaxed enough to let me trim all her nails without much fuss. She scratches a sisal cat tree very well. She met other big foster kittens here and was fine with them. She never met any children in foster and might be OK with children energy if given space. She never met a dog in foster but depending on the dog, she might be OK after slow introductions.

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