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Bull Terrier puppies and dogs in Whitewater, Wisconsin

Looking for a Bull Terrier puppy or dog in Whitewater, Wisconsin? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Bull Terrier near you.

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Adopt a Bull Terrier near you in Whitewater, Wisconsin

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Photo of Peanut


Bull Terrier

Female, young , Special Needs
Milwaukee, WI
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Needs special attention, Needs experienced adopter, Spayed or Neutered,
I adopted Peanut at 6 months from the Humane Society. Not much is known about the first 6 months of her life. She was found on the street with the likelihood that she was in dog fighting rings. She is very energetic, loves to cuddle (thinks she’s a lap dog!), is very food motivated, loving, and adapts well to changes. She is great with my niece, who is a toddler. She is currently on behavior modification medicine to support her aggression towards other dogs. I’ve had Peanut for more than 2 years, and honestly would love to keep her, but I got her originally with an ex, and she needs more attention than I can give her on my own. She would flourish in an area with a fenced-in backyard, away from other dogs, with two people to support her energetic lifestyle.

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Photo of Eustace


English Bulldog

Male, 9 yrs , Special Needs
Whitewater, WI
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Needs special attention, Spayed or Neutered,
Meet Eustace! He enjoys cold-brew coffee and being the first one to discover an old dive bar. He is currently busy selling refurbished Polaroid cameras on Etsy and working a on cookbook of vegan meals prepared entirely in a 1992 Easy-Bake Oven. He also claims he has no idea who Barry Manilow is and has always wondered if he could get an assistant for free if he were to call them an intern. In all seriousness, Eustace is a gem! He is about 9 years old and about 56 lbs. He is crate-trained, housebroken, and will flop over to the ground with a thud and zero reservations for a mean belly rub. He is good with other dogs and currently lives with several. Sorry folks! No kitties for this fella. He would do great with older kids, but younger kids might just be too much for this retiree. Eustace will require an adopter with bulldog experience because true to his breed, he can be a bit pushy from time-to-time, especially when first meeting a new dog – though never aggressive in any way. C’mon man! He’s a bulldog! It’s what they do. If you know, you know. Nothing makes Eustace happier than lazy days in the sunshine and snuggling up to his favorite people, which quite frankly is anyone who will give him attention. His favorite F-word is FRIEND, because everyone is one to him! He also loves to join you in the bathroom and is excellent at making sure your feet stay secured to the floor when sitting down. Eustace does stuffer from dry eye and will require eye drops in both eyes, twice daily. Additionally, he is quite bow legged in the front and has some restrictions as a result of that. Eustace would not be a good candidate for a home with lots of stairs or for someone who wants a dog that can take long walks. Now, give him a soft bed and a human friend, and this guy will be in heaven! Tell your people to call his people if Eustace seems like the piece of the perfect puzzle missing in your household! Albert's Dog Lounge is a specialty rescue focusing primarily on senior and special needs dogs. Our process includes an approved application, reference checks, a homevisit, and then a meet and greet with the dog. Adoption fee is $300, ($550 for a pair). Learn more about Albert's Dog Lounge, our mission, and adoption policies by visiting Begin your application process by copying this link into your web browser: WI Dept. Of Agriculture License Number: 474085-DS Disclaimer: It is VERY difficult even for a veterinarian to tell the exact age of a dog over two years old. From one vet to another, we can get different age estimates on the same dog and they can vary by several years. We are only making an educated guess based on a few factors like teeth, fur color, and overall body condition, but for dogs who have not been given adequate vet care and food, it can be even more difficult. Every dog is an individual, and we do our very best to age appropriately but make no guarantees as to the age of any dog in our program.

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