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Female, Adult
Tacoma, WA
(when grown) -
Good with kids, Good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Angel is a great cat. Her ideal home would be an elderly person with access to a patio/ balcony, she’s 14 and in excellent health according to her last vet visit. Angel is the most affectionate cat you will ever meet, she’s not much for being picked up or held but will sleep/lay next to you always, she trades kisses for pets and will gladly accept your petting but interrupts by kissing your petting hands while you are petting her, cannot get a more affectionate cat. I am not rehoming her because of anything other than loving her with all my heart and wanting a better life and living situation for her , for financial reasons she’s stuck living in a studio apartment with one window . I will be working a lot from here on out. She such a great cat, and would love a constant companion, she’s very simple, kind, loving, . Her name describes her perfectly. Just a great cat /companion overall. Brand new cat tree and sifting litter box along with her favorite round basket comes with her as wel.

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Domestic Shorthair

Male, Young
Centralia, WA
(when grown) -
Good with dogs, Good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Houdini is a sweet boy that we rescued from a colony of stray cats. He loves being pet&by his human friends. Our rescue has free roaming cats& my dog that comes with me everytime I go to care for the cats. Houdini gets along great with other cats& dogs, he just needs a little time to get acquainted with them. This sweet boy has stolen my heart. I honestly just want to keep him forever but apart of rescuing is finding these cats a forever home so I can make more room to rescue others in need. He loves catnip& catnip toys but hasnt been a fan of the wand toys. Hes not a total lap cat but does enjoy snuggling when its on his time. A good window view is a must for him, he loves bird watching. Houdini is neutered&doesnt have any medical conditions, hes a perfectly healthy man. Between the vet& people that live near the colony hes from hes estimated to be around a year old. Theres way more to share about him. Inquire for more details.
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Female, Adult
Centralia, WA
(when grown) -
Not good with kids, Good with dogs, Good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Meet Mars! She is a sweet little tortoiseshell, shockingly orange. Her middle name is 'HP 67 Black Ink Cartridge' because she looks like an orange cat that tried to take a bite out of one. She LOVES people, will rub on your face if you get close enough, and is diligent in her work at the biscuit factory. She's a talker, too, chirps and trills, she even responds a lot of the time if you do it back! She likes a good scratching post and a crinkle toy (the ones that sound like plastic). Once she gets more comfortable with someone she'll even ask for scritches on her chest and belly. We are unsure about dogs or children, as we don't have any. She may do alright in a home where her only animal companions are other female cats, but a home where she is the only cat may be a safer bet. Please note- the adoption fee associated with her is to cover some of her vaccinations. She has a vet trip coming up soon.

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